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Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 284

It's still called ROM because the new chips are EEPROM (Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) Basically, there is a pin that either get's grounded or hot (voltage applied) that allows the writing of the chip, if this doesn't happen it's not writable. If I remember correctly, I haven't been in electronics school for over 10 years now....

Comment Re:The *best* feature: (Score 1) 284

When did they do that ? Tethering worked the last time I tried it but they don't provide an application for it, I use tetherbot when I need to. It's free and works fine for browsing http, but it wouldn't work to well for vpn or other services unless you can configure a proxy for it.

Comment Re:Game Changer! (Score 1) 284

I have no coverage problems with Sprint and I travel regularly for work... What are you basing your opinion on exactly? I'm not saying that I never roam (and really, since most plans include free roaming, do you track when you roam ?) , just that I rarely have no service and when I am in a spot with no service, I can move 20 ft either direction and have service.

Comment Re:When do people get this (Score 1) 613

Thanks for calling me a redneck and accusing me of making baseless accusations. Nice try, however I'm a white Eastern European and an Engineer.

So because you're a white Eastern European Engineer you can't be a redneck? Well, I guess that depends on your definition of redneck, however, I know plenty of rednecks from all over the world. While I'm not saying you are, Location and Profession do not determine whether or not you are a redneck, if it did then profiling would be more appropriate in all cases. You don't think profiling is a good thing do you ?

Comment Re:chillaxinate, broheims (Score 1) 439

This is why things like secure e-mail were created, in many cases you something like port authority (now websense, unfortunately the page has been redirected but not setup) that scans outbound email for confidential information and if found, sends an email with a link to the sender so that they can fill out a few questions for the recipient to answer. Only if all questions are answered corectly, will the https connection allow viewing of the message...

Comment Re:So Iran's standards then? (Score 1) 697

two-thirds is already required for amendments to the constitution, we have 27 of them now. two-thirds is what is defined by the constitution, so the question is do you want to restore the power of the constitution or serve your own needs? If you're going to advocate a change at least understand the implications of said change..... This change would effectively be an amendment to the constitution therefore it would require 2/3 of states to agree to even be of use ..... .

Comment Re:So Iran's standards then? (Score 1) 697

Actually, the way it was originally set up, is that the people voted for state congress and your state's congress appointed your US Congress critter, this was changed with the 17th Amendment. The 17th Amendment gave you and I the right to elect our US congressional representatives by popular vote. It was shortly after this amendment that things like "you're highway speed limit will 55mph or you will get no funding" started happening. Don't believe me ? Read it yourself

So the trick is, get the 17th amendment repealed and you don't need to pass another law to get shit back under control :)

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