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Comment Re:Caffeine is a drug.. (Score 4, Interesting) 212

It is, yes. But the FDA is definitely right that it affects people differently. I can drink a red bull, a monster, a coke, tea, or anything but coffee and easily take a long nap afterwards. Something about the caffeine I get through coffee is different. It actually makes me feel alert and awake. So is there some other chemical in coffee that increases the effectiveness of caffeine for me, or is the caffeine delivered differently? Does it have a slightly different composition? I don't know. But its a difference I can definitely feel.

Comment Re:You don't usually pay more (Score 1) 416

Not only do you end up paying more for a subsidized phone, you lose your rights to do whatever you want with it.

That is not true from many angles.

For one thing a data plan for an iPhone on the major carriers is the same, subsidized or no. So you'd pay more for an unlocked phone, and then pay as much as the guy who bought a phone with a plan for service over two years. Yes you could bail earlier but most people keep the same carrier a few years.

You could pay less going to a company like T-Mobile but there is very real service degradation. To me even though in the long run that could save money the loss of wider coverage and aggravation makes it a bad tradeoff.

Secondly, ALL of the major carriers now will unlock the iPhone for you on request - but for international use only. So it's not quite right to say you can't do pretty much anything you want with it - you can, just not in the country you bought the phone in (which to most people is what really matters).

If you really want ATT service, go get a StraightTalk SIM for $48 a month and unlimited everything. That is much cheaper than the service you can get directly from ATT. There are ways around the subsidized pricing model that the major carriers use, you just have to buy your own phone first. I'm saving a fortune w/ Walmart Family Mobile.

Comment Re:Hate to be a troll or anything, but... (Score 2) 416

How is unlocking a phone a right?

I agree with the sentiment, but here in New York, I pass by several scummy electronics shops who sell unlocking services for phones.

Do they have a right to do this? Somehow I don't think so.

Well if the GP had his way, you wouldn't need to go to one of those scummy electronic stores to get your phone unlocked in the first place. Secondly, you're paying for the phone either up front, or through an overpriced service plan. You bought it, you should be able to hack it to hell as long as it doesn't violate FCC regulations for causing harmful interference.

Comment Re:McDonald's doesn't (Score 1) 588

Should McDonald's tell you exactly what is in their burgers when we buy them or should we have the foresight to look up nutrition facts before buying?

Um, no. A comparable situation would be if McDonald's advertised that that their McNuggets Lunch-a-rama had 12 nuggets, but when you buy one you only got 7. Their explanation being that the server has to eat some, too. At least McDonald's has the decency to admit that their Quarter Pounder is *pre-cooked weight. MS could do the same by saying pre-OS storage. However, if the Quarter Pounder was delivered at less than 2 oz, I think there would be an uproar.

Except that McDonald's does exactly what the article is talking about. Your Quarter Pounder is a quater of a pound before they cook it. You are not getting a quarter pound of meat on the bun. Some of the mass is lost during cooking. Now granted, I think this case is much more extreme than the case of a hamburger.

Comment Re:"Cyber 9/11" (Score 1) 292

The problem is finding an area of the USA where a medium term power loss would not be business as usual, due to 3rd world infrastructure.

You have obviously not lived somewhere that truly has third world infrastructure. Try running water for an hour or two a day, tops. And sometimes going weeks without any running water at all. Or having the power go out a half a dozen times a day, for anywhere from 1 minute to 3 or 4 hours. And that's without any severe or unusual weather. That is standard operating procedure.

Comment Re:T-mobile (Score 4, Informative) 246

It's $50 a month for unlimited talk/text and you're still stuck paying for data (included in the price) even if you never use it. I've been wondering the same thing as the author and I still haven't found it. Not everyone needs mobile data.

Bah. Just sign up for Walmart Family Mobile. You still get T-mobile service and its $45 for unlimited everything. Well, they cap your 3G data, but you can get unlimited edge after you hit the cap. And I rarely hit the cap anyway.

Comment Re:Paying more for locked device (Score 1) 321

From the article: "In the long run, you will likely end up paying more for your locked device than for an unlocked one." But how is this true even when the only carrier with coverage in your area doesn't give a discount on monthly service for bringing your own phone?

You obviously live in a rural paradise. I switched from AT&T (where I had a massive corporate discount) to Sprint after AT&T changed the way that they calculated discounts. It was then $20 a month cheaper to be on Sprint. After my contract ended there, I bought an unlocked smart phone and switched to Walmart Family mobile (AKA T-mobile) and am paying less for unlimited everything on two lines than I was with 1 line on Sprint. My unlocked smartphone has already paid for itself in the first year. I'm hoping to keep it for ~4 more years and save thousands of dollars.

Comment Re:I like Windows 8 (Score 1) 913

You have obviously never used multiple windows at once. At work, I have two 24" screens and regularly have lots of open windows at once. If even one of the programs I use are a "metro" program, I am not able to use regular windows programs at the same time. This problem will only get worse with time, and is a showstopper for me.

Windows 8 is the solution to Microsofts problems, not the users' problems. That kind of disrespect for your customers never pays off.

Wow! They really ARE copying Apple verbatim! I mean I know Apple still has their regular desktop but they are pushing launch pad pretty hard, which is exactly like a tablet interface. Not to mention the fact that when you run a Mac OS App in fullscreen mode (again like you would on a tablet), your second monitor becomes a giant paperweight. It's awesome that we're seeing such unity on the user interfaces.

Comment Re:My Rant.... (Score 1) 445

You must be new here. It doesn't even support "edit" which is breakthrough technology from the 1980s.

It's like a flashback to Unix ca. 1980 when you couldn't edit the command line if you made a mistake while typing a command.

I think the lack of an edit feature is due to the way that moderation works. They don't want someone to get modded up, then edit their post to something a bit more trollish. While it would be nice to be able to fix typos, that is a handy feature. Though they could of course allow you to view the revision history.

Comment Re:It's a magazine (Score 1) 1862

A magazine is a generic term that refers to the storage of ammunition. You can certainly keep 30 rounds of ammo in your rifle's detachable magazine. You can also store your ship's ammunition in the ship's magazine. You could even replenish your bolt action hunting rifle's magazine.

So you should be clear on your terminology before you take part in these discussions. Otherwise we can dismiss anything you say since you've already displayed your ignorance on the topic.

-can I out-pedant a pedant?

No, you can't. He's right, you are not. The term clip comes from stripper-clips that were used to load magazines during WWI and WWII. You use a stripper clip when loading an internal magazine on a weapon, for instance. US culture misuses the word clip because the M-1 Garand, of WWII fame, used a box clip to load ammo into the internal magazine of the weapon. All those vets came back thinking that the clip from their M1 was the same thing as the magazine that you might load into your semi-automatic pistol.

Comment Re:Quality of years, not quantity (Score 2) 1063

"What do you call retired people in the states?" "Greeters at WalMart."

I don't know if all those people are working because they have to. Some may just want to work. I would be quite happy being a greeter at Walmart. It actually sounds like a fun job to me. When you have nothing better to do, why not stand around and smile and say hi to people all day? It beats doing nothing. Even if I am able to retire at 60 there is no way in hell I would stop working. I'd just work less, and not care about money. I know an older couple that is retired. The wife works at an elementary school 20 hours a week. They definitely do not need the money at all. She does it because she loves children and its something for her to do 20 hours a week.

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