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Comment Re:Toshiba - Leading Innovation! (Score 1) 268

I'm not buying a Toshiba again. My current Qosmio is the first and last Toshiba shit I'm ever going to buy (£20/$30 to get the recovery media). Their website is absolutely shocking. Everything is 5-10 clicks away. My laptop's onboard update works like this: Message Alert - Click - Opens a Program - Click on Update list - Click on highlighted Update - Opens a browser with a dead link. So... I have to manually find that update from their website, download, extract, run and I get a message "Wrong version of WinDVD BD." GREAT!! Their last three BIOS updates has kept on throttling down the GPU. The last one (v2.0) prevents Windows 7 from starting up, because 2.0 now introduces a conflict with BIOS' "Enable Fast Boot" option. Sadly I have only two options: stick with it or sell this shit on eBay as 'Like New - barely used.'

Comment Starcraft 2 on Core i7 laptop (Score 1) 220

Ok so when I get beautiful Starcraft 2 rendering from my GTX 570m and then there's a big lag (frame rate goes from 40-50 to 10 fps) because the screen is full of units firing at each other, I need to blame the CPU? I assumed it was Windows 7's fault -- they couldn't even code a multi-core OS properly. (I have a Qosmio X770-11C)

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