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Comment Re:You know? (Score 2) 109

Yes, people in the third world have less access to free education. They also have less access to food, water, shelter and not getting killed by warlords.

Full agree with that - I'm from a "third world country" (Brazil): less access don't mean no access

Comment Re:No, seriously (Score 1) 235

Generally, concerning gnome3, it's nice for people who navigate with the keyboard.

Quite the contrary: users even switch windows by moving the cursor to the top-left edge of the screen (or clicking on "Activities", or issuing the super key on the keyboard) and clicking on the "window" (there's no visual clues in that? "Visual clues" are all over GNOME 3...) - never seen anyone using Alt-Tab (or Alt-[the key up "Tab"], for switching windows of the same app), besides myself...

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