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Comment Re:You know? (Score 2) 109

Yes, people in the third world have less access to free education. They also have less access to food, water, shelter and not getting killed by warlords.

Full agree with that - I'm from a "third world country" (Brazil): less access don't mean no access

Comment Re:No, seriously (Score 1) 235

Generally, concerning gnome3, it's nice for people who navigate with the keyboard.

Quite the contrary: users even switch windows by moving the cursor to the top-left edge of the screen (or clicking on "Activities", or issuing the super key on the keyboard) and clicking on the "window" (there's no visual clues in that? "Visual clues" are all over GNOME 3...) - never seen anyone using Alt-Tab (or Alt-[the key up "Tab"], for switching windows of the same app), besides myself...

Comment Re:No, seriously (Score 2) 235

She learns how to do things by the positions that things are at on the screen, and if they move, she needs to learn all over again.

She is learning the wrong way! (doesn't she want to barely understand what she's doing?)

... GNOME 3 is a very intuitive UI: my Mom, who never have used a computer before, and is 60+ years old, use a Desktop to do several things now (the Google and Wikipedia integrated in the dash is a killer feature for that kind of user - myself, never used it, but commonly see it been used...)

Comment Re:2 cents (Score 0) 235

Fedora is the distro I use now in my friends Desktops, because of GNOME 3 - I used to install Ubuntu in that cases, but Unity thing made move on (I've used Linux Mint 12 after left Ubuntu, but it dropped GNOME 3 [that was the reason to me to choose that distro]) - Now I'm not thinking in moving back: it's far more simple to maintain these than Ubuntu (I live in Brazil: the presto pluguin for yum, that reduces greatly the download sizes of updates, was very welcome), and it has bleeding edge software

* why you post as AC?

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