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Comment Serious Questions (Score 3, Insightful) 230

Right now any company can make an account and answer questions, how will the new change be different besides the financial support to slashdot. Will they be allowed moderation points? Say in which comments float to the top? Actually get to pose the questions (how awesome is adobe reader on a scale from 9-10) I would love to have specifics on this agreement as Slashdot has become a wonderful place for me to come and see unbiased information from the technical community and I would hate to see bias creep into the discussion because of this.

Comment Isnt this getting a little complicated? (Score 1) 375

I know this is /. but perhaps a less gadgety would be better. Offer minor savings as incentive for people to read their own meter, and have the meter read by the company every 6 months or a year. A fee + the difference in meter reads could be charged if you falsify as they would know your usage anyway from the company reading. It could even go so far as to have a unique identifier on the meter and require you to e-mail a picture of your meter on x day of every month.

Submission + - Australian military conducts trial (

daria42 writes: It looks like Microsoft might not quite have the free reign over government desktops that it would like to. In Australia, it was revealed this week that the country's Department of Defence has recently conducted a trial involving 100 users of the productivity suite, which recently found a home at the Apache Foundation. It's not yet clear whether the department will progress with the trial to a broader rollout, but if it did, it could have significant implications for Microsoft in the Australian government.

Comment Density (Score 1) 300

In situations like hotels and hospitals, coverage is not that big of an issue. Client density becomes more of a concern with a 2 person room possibly having 6 devices (tablet, phone, laptop) 4 rooms can have 24 devices connected which leaves handy homeowner routers in the dust. An Aruba, Enterasys, or Meru have worked well for me in the past (with these companies doing a cloud based controller these days so you don't have to purchase the $10,000 device up front)

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