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Comment Open source // code review? (Score 4, Insightful) 69

That's one of the issues with many committers, you can't review all the code before it ships off in a build. I seem to remember a bug in openssl where some kid commented an entropy line "because it showed warnings at compile-time" and managed to commit it without raising suspicions.

Bottom line, where are the code reviewers in this process? QA?

Comment Re:I'm not British (Score 1) 160

I've lived close to the British culture and deep in the French one. It sounds a bit like when the French turned off the Minitel ( Both early interactive services which came over an old delivery method (TV sets for Ceefax, telephone lines for the Minitel).

It's sad to see them go, but it's probably also time to acknowledge that they are obsolete (and costly to maintain) compared to the Internet.

Comment Re:I want a pony (Score 1) 230

I've long proposed that Municipalities build their own networks,

But the commercial operators have put legislation in place in many jurisdictions to prevent the further spread of public networks.

This isn't technically true. Democratically elected officials have been lobbied into passing legislation. If you didn't vote for incompetent crooks, this wouldn't happen.

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