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Comment Re:I want a pony (Score 1) 230

I've long proposed that Municipalities build their own networks,

But the commercial operators have put legislation in place in many jurisdictions to prevent the further spread of public networks.

This isn't technically true. Democratically elected officials have been lobbied into passing legislation. If you didn't vote for incompetent crooks, this wouldn't happen.

Comment Re:Not a revolution (Score 1) 140

Paris is the same. You can use 2G everywhere, 3G in some (too rare) cases, and keep a phone conversation going all the way.

Simply put, the UK is not known for its infrastructure. Hell, half the tube stops every week-end for refurbishment and it's still slow and unreliable. But as the French and Germans are slowly taking them over, the Brits finally get a taste of technology ;-)

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