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Comment Re:Don't see how it will work (Score 1) 62

How it works is that Google gets to use the successes in a later design and avoid the failures.

Rather, that's how it would work if Google were actually a hardware company, which they emphatically are not.

Say what you will about Apple but at least they admit they build hardware and aren't ashamed to do the R+D necessary to ship great hardware. They push the envelope and break it at times, but at least they don't do embarrassing things like 'hey, let's impress everyone with our design idea that will never ship' homage to someone's 20% project.

Also, Apple couldn't care less where you are or what you're looking at when using their hardware. ;-)

Comment Re:The playa exit is not the problem. (Score 1) 273

"It's to reduce the amount of time people have to spend sitting in their cars (as opposed to wandering the playa on the last day making new friends, etc.)."

Most of the reason the exodus goes so slowly is because people are doing exactly this. Zoned out, not paying attention, idling their car out of gas, listening to the radio and killing their battery in the heat, etc. When the lanes begin to move and compress, tempers get out of hand. Last year when BLM stopped the Exodus on Monday because of rain, the line extended to the apex, and getting things going again was horrible. People were taking showers in their RVs, blocking lanes. Getting stoned on someone else's car, then losing theirs. Getting jump starts before pushing their vehicle out of the lanes. Etc. Every boner move you can think of that destroys the ability of the column to respond to being let out.

Comment Re:The playa exit is not the problem. (Score 1) 273

"I was in the Totenkitten camp and worked multiple three-hour shifts helping to keep the Charcade running."

How about volunteering for some real shifts - six hours at the Gate - so you can see how the operation is actually run?

Positing solutions in absence of all the facts isn't completely helpful. You should ask more questions instead of simply observing.

Comment Re:TLDR: "why doesn't anyone listen to me?" (Score 2) 273

Because like most people who have something to say about Burning Man, this guy only understands half od what he's talking about.

The principal constraint has nothing to do with moving vehicles off the playa. It is Washoe County road 34, which is a narrow, poorly-graded two lane road that goes to Gerlach, there it joins with Nevada SR 447, a wider, less poorly-graded two-lane highway that runs through a town of less than 500 people. From there, it's still 90 minutes to Interstate 80.

Old US 49, Jungo Road, cannot be used by 99% of the vehicles at Burning Man, although those of you looking at the Google Maps are already thinking you've got an answer.

The 'answer' is: Don't plan anything - including being at work - for the Tuesday after Labor Day. Or leave before the Man burns. And if you're going out, consider volunteering to help the Gate, Perimeter, and Exodus Crew. Lots of good people work for free (or nearly so) to make sure the flow into and out of BRC stays as efficient as possible.

Another note: stereotyping anyone's lifestyle or motivations for attending Burning Man is an exercise in being an idiot. (Except for the feather headress-wearing Coachella fratkids. Everyone at Burning Man HATES those assholes.)

Comment Re:tl;dr (Score 1) 273

they're also resented by much of the volunteer staff, as they tend to set up resource intensive camps or fly in/out every day.

Butno judging. That's kind of at the core of the ten principles. Everyone is welcome in BRC as long as they don't shit all over anyone else.

Comment Re:Not having been there (Score 1) 273

Given that it's a dry alkali lake bed with virtually no life upon it, the impact on the playa from vehicle traffic is negligible from year to year.

Now, let's talk about all the hippies with leaky bussesand the folks from LA who show up in motor coaches carrying two occupants...that's a huge environmental impact. But they're usually the ones treating Burning Man as a weeklong party while ignoring all the staff who work their asses off.

You know people stay out there for over a month after the event cleaning up, so that the only thing left after the winter rains in December are a few ruts in the playa, right? Maybe know what you're talking about before posting.

Comment Re:wtb: cheapest flight anytime (Score 1) 93

SAABRE and the other booking systems are a bit too smart these days to actually make tickets available at some sort of pre-determined price.

Jet fuel costs four times what it did ten years ago. Fleets are getting replaced. You really think they're going to let the system release any $300 seats unless the load factor for that flight is low and converging with the flight day?

Still, it only costs about 30% more in actual dollars than it did in 1999 to fly cross country. That little fact doesn't exactly make me confident that the broken remains of what was once a diverse domestic air travel market are very concerned with the self-loading freight, if you get my drift.

Comment Re:How it feels to be targeted all the time (Score 3, Insightful) 93

This is why Google's efforts lately have been received relatively poorly. People know that Google sees them as marks. There is no free lunch, and Google's products lately show a distinct lack of polish and execution needed to make it a one-stop-shop for "categorizing the world's information". People know Google is looking over their shoulders constantly, and their products aren't getting better fast enough to keep ahead of the free/utility versus 'leave me alone' curve for some.

When you are getting something useful for free, that's great. But the value for Google doesn't extend to actually creating consumer-driven, best-in-class products. It's obvious to a growing umber of people that Google's products for consumers exist solely to create value for the company by gathering, manipulating, and selling their behavioral habits

See G+(is that an echo in here?) or Google TV, which last I heard, might have shipped a few hundred thlusand units. See anything they've done in the consumer space over the past few years - it sucks and no one is using it.

Android - a product Google has to pay other companies for because if all the IP conflicts and agreements - is successful but looks to have some pretty big and increasingly worrisome problems with forking. Google could lose control of it. And more Android users I talk to are pissed - I mean pissed - that Apple supports a three-year old phone with the latest iOs, but Google doesn't give a ahit enough to work with carriers to make that experience more valuable - to the customer.

Read the article about Stanford's coziness with Valley companies to get some ideas why this brain rot is pissing actual customers off. Hint: MBAs and lots of smart kids who are pretty cocky have a lot to do with it.

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