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Comment Re:so uh why they'd support it? (Score 4, Insightful) 356

I'm sorry, but "Regulation is necessary" seems false to me.
In a slightly longer view, it costs money to assume that you'll continue to have paying customers if you kill/ill them with faulty beef. I think the GoDaddy situation illustrates that.

Yes, and well, too bad for all the tainted-beef-eating dead people's families. They can, however, rest easy knowing that the ShitBeefCo will go out of business and its employees will be destitute as soon as ShitBeefCo's CEO's golden parachute inflates over the Caymans, where his bonuses for improving profitbility at SBC are protected from lawsuits.

See? The market corrected itself; it killed the stupid little people, and rewarded the superior Randian Overlords who worked so hard to get through an MBA program while playing rugby and fucking Muffy in the BMW convertible!

Thank god for the invisible hand pimp-slapping us all...again. Because the market will automagically correct itself...SUCKERS.

I have friends who tell me Randroids like you seem to be are sociopaths. I'm starting to think they're right.

Oh - and I just moved my domains off of GoDaddy AND I wrote to my congresscritters. Have you?

Comment Re:Overvalued for 10 years (Score 2) 323

Luckily I am friends with some people who worked there (2/3 have left since) and I'm thankful I didn't pursue the job.

Anything constructive to add? I maintain that they're wildly self-entitled based on their own 'cultural' guidelines, which led to bad decisions like Qwikster. They're just like Apple in the 90s.

Comment Re:It will high tech and modern (Score 1) 366

For the ten-thousandth time, it's not because your Funtendo or SmartFone will cause the airplane to suddenly explode on the runway. It's because the FAs want the smartphone addicts and social callers to _shut up and pay attention_ to the safety briefing.

Go on and on about how you've seen it before. I'd still wager that 80% of people on every flight in the US have no idea where the nearest exit is if they aren't allowed to turn their head.

In Denver a couple of years ago, people were jamming the asles with the airplane ON FIRE, off of a snowy runway in order to...get their laptops.

Given the ridiculous state of air travel and attention spans today, I'd say getting people to shut up and pay attention might be one of the toughest jobs in the world.

Comment Re:At last (Score 1) 77

I fail to understand your comment about LH2/LOX versus JP7/LOX. What is the point you're trying to make. Then again, you seem to be under the impression that the Russians are making Atlas V now.

Might want to take advantage of proofing before you hit submit.

Comment Re:debian (Score 1) 453

When you buy an Air you get a USB restore stick with OS and factory-fill apps, but Lion removes the need for a separate physical boot device for reinstalls, so chances are that Apple will use the cloud/app store more and more for reinstalls, banishing physical media forever.

Hopefully our ISPs can keep up....

Comment Re:Demand your rights (Score 1) 459

PC vendors don't restrict your ability to install an alternative OS.

Nor do they subsidize the purchase of your PC by signing you up for a monthly service contract. There's no ETF when you sell your PC after six months to but a better one.

The carrier can do what it wants with its equipment.

Comment Re:Creator and Overseer of Android Responds (Score -1, Troll) 864

Wow. For the vast majority of people who are affected by the difference in these platforms, this means exactly squat.

Glad you're impressed. Now you see why Steve Jobs is CEO of the second-largest company in the US, and Andy Rubin is a geek at Google.

I certainly don't hold material gain above all else, but Rubin's reply shows exactly the kind of hubris that Google is getting a bad reputation for here in the valley; it's a bunch of geeks on a power trip in many cases, hence the arcane and off-topic interview question highlighted in today's Mercury News. Google makes engineers feel special, Apple engineers look at the numbers and balance sheets and say: "Our products rock". They don't need to be told how special they are simply because they can decipher a piece of code. They can see it in customers' faces.

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