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Comment Re:Given the this community's gender troubles... (Score 1) 575

(Though it is often falsely claimed that Catharine MacKinnon has holds that "all sex is rape.")

That was Dworkin's hobby horse. MacKinnon is the one who said that women should be allowed to unilaterally void a contract because they're raised to be accommodating or some bullshit along those lines. The bottom line being that she wanted women to be able to hold men to a contract but renege at will themselves. Just think about how eager anyone would be to do business with a woman under those rules.


Comment Re:Is this within GitHub's mission? (Score 1) 575

All this time I thought that the Feminist struggle was about equal rights for all and not revenge.

A couple of decades ago, you would have been right. The problem with present-day "feminism" is the same as with all reform movements at their end stage. Once they've accomplished their reasonable goals, the reasonable people who participated in the reform movement go on to other pursuits, leaving behind the dregs. In the case of the labor movement, once upon a time they achieved major breakthroughs in workplace safety, but today labor unions are nothing but tax collecting organizations that rob workers of their union dues to buy hookers and blow for mobsters and politicians. The civil rights movement has degenerated from having leaders like MLK who fought for equality before the law, to dregs like Jackson and Sharpton peddling guilt and threatening employers with boycotts if they don't get paid off and buy "diversity training".

Feminism has followed a similar path. It's become a self-parody.


Comment Re:Feminist Programming Language (Score 2) 575

BTW, the "Cathy Davidson" who posted the comment bitching about "juvenile" parodies apparently is the same English professor from Duke who was among the notorious "Gang of 88" ( Duke faculty who piled on the false rape accusation bandwagon when Crystal Mangum tried to ruin the lives of several innocent lacrosse players.)


Comment Re:Free speech (Score 1) 575

It looks to me that the Github's deletion act is a violation of free speech.

No, the right to free speech doesn't include a right to have anyone else support your speech. It's github's prerogative to delete it if they wish, just as it's my prerogative to call them a pack of cowards for doing so.


Comment Re:He's right... if his job is to *prevent* terror (Score 4, Insightful) 509

If his job is to prevent terrorism, he's right... he can't do that without a substantial surveillance dragnet that tramples the 4th Amendment.

He can't do it with that dragnet, either. All this NSA dragnet shit was in place for YEARS at the time of the Boston Marathon bombing, and it wasn't worth shit.


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