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Comment Re:America is fucked ... (Score 2) 455

The Court has already ruled on this, see Gonzales vs. Raich

Exactly. The court has failed to uphold our civil rights, and instead claimed that our very lives are subject to government usurpation.

Nobody gets to say that they are wrong.

Where in the world did you get such a bizarre, royalist notion into your head? The constitution never granted the court the last word on its own interpretation. Marshall pulled that out of his ass.


Comment Re:America is fucked ... (Score 2) 455

it turns out that prohibition is totally constitutional under the interstate commerce clause.

Nope. The failure of the court to enforce the constitution doesn't change what the constitution actually says. If the commerce clause actually granted all the power that the statists claim it does, then the rest of the constitution would be moot.


Comment Re:Interstate Commerce Clause = Instrastate Powers (Score 3, Insightful) 455

The great lesson of Wickard is that the Supreme Court is a pack of government shysters whose purpose is to invent excuses for even the most blatant usurpations of powers that were never granted to the federal government. This is why the only viable means to enforce the constitution is nullification of unconstitutional acts of congress.


Comment Re:Only time will tell... (Score 2, Interesting) 631

It's hard to predict.

Well, I'm not so sure about that. I predicted it back in 2011. Money quote:

Ubuntu is slipping out of control. Canonical have stopped listening and – more importantly – working with the community. The number of defects is growing, but Canonical’s response is to make it harder for mere mortals to submit bugs. They seem to think that strong guidance is needed for their product to grow in new and interesting ways. Fair enough, but they’re confusing leadership with control. They’re simply imposing their views because they don’t value the discussion. They’re treating criticism as opposition and shutting themselves off from valid feedback.

That's pretty much the argument being made in TFA, but I'm not going to try to take credit for oracular powers or anything. It's been pretty obvious for some time that they were on the wrong track.

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