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Comment Maybe programmers do deserve this... (Score 1) 306

Why shouldn't we get a holiday? And let's not play favorites here, let's celebrate all the professions. In many countries, Teacher's Day is already celebrated, but let's do Fireman's Day and Chemist's Day and Comic Book Artist's Day. How about Food Service's Day and Assembly Plant Worker's Day? Anyone up for celebrating Stripper's Day (ironically celebrated at night)?

And speaking of irony, if everyday we celebrated a different profession and didn't have to work ever, should those professions actually be celebrated since you would never be working?

Comment Re:Well the only fool proof way... (Score 1) 491

The hard part nowadays is actually finding a HUB. It is very difficult to actually buy a hub anymore, and most "hubs" sold in the US anyway are actually low-end unmanaged switches, so you can't sniff traffic on them.

I had the same problem at a customer site where one of the IDIOTS had packets being sent on some high numbered ports because of a virus they had downloaded. It was EXTREMELY TOUGH finding an actual hub, but I was finally able to hunt one down at Best Buy for around $15.

I swear, you do a search for network hub and you get matches ranging from network switches to routers to usb hubs. Do enough searching, though, and you will find one... eventually.

Comment Zebra printers work great (Score 2, Informative) 188

I have a feeling that there will be a lot of posts for ZEBRA printers, and I have to agree. You'll need to format your labels with ZPL code, but it's fairly simple and straightforward once you get the first one configured. A majority of my company's customers use the 105SL model printing from RHEL 4/5 systems and Fedora releases. Definitely CUPS compatible! One of these customers actually has four of that particular model, and they print out 100,000+ labels every couple of weeks.

I haven't had many hardware issues with them, but if they do go out, it's best if you're in a location where a Zebra certified technician can reach you. This isn't a problem for most major cities, though if you're in a rural area, it may be a little more difficult.

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