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Comment Re:Once free of microsoft (Score 1) 147

Actually, yes, the way the merger went down does guarantee that for Blizzard. They were not bought by Activision as they turned down Activision when they attempted that.

One of the intriguing things about the old Vivendi structure was that, even when Martin Tremblay joined to run Vivendi's publishing, it was specified: "World Of Warcraft creator Blizzard Entertainment has been designated a stand-alone division reporting to VU Games' CEO, and is not part of Tremblay's product development mandate."

And it's the same deal, more or less, in the new system - Mike Morhaime will continue to serve as President and Chief Executive Officer of Blizzard Entertainment, and no explicit reporting structure is even discussed in the release. Blizzard will continue to plough its own furrow, then.


Emphasis added by me.

Again, as I said. Get the facts before spewing shit.

Comment Re:Yeah .... just in my experience. (Score 2) 279

See, unlike everyother distro, when you install something on Ubuntu, it'll work (sample: everything I've installed) - and I mean using the distro's software manager - even Windows can't make that claim. Calibre for example. Updating Calibre on XP involves uninstalling and installing again; otherwise if you don't do the uninstall f the old version, when you run it, you get the old version. Ubuntu just upgrades with no hassles.

Then that means Calibre's installer is broken. That has nothing to do with the OS.

Comment Re:Musk isn't doing himself any favors here (Score 1) 841

So I should buy a $100,000 electric 'luxury' car for a five milte commute to work each day?

No one is telling you to.

That's a drive to visit my girlfriend's parents, which we do several times a year, with a five minute stop for fuel along the way.

So basically the vast majority of the year you'll never hit the mileage range limit. Gotcha.

For $100,000, most people expect a car that they can actually use without having to ask the manufacturer whether they can turn the heater on.

They won't. Most people don't do 300 mile trips on a daily basis.

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