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Comment Re:Heres my 2 cents (Score 0) 336

Or could they be bent out of shape because the competition between them, MS, and Apple is heating up. At some point, if Google wants to "ball" with the big boys in their arena they might have to start playing the same game as them. I personally enjoy Google the way they have always been but it will probably come to the point that Google can no longer survive on just the community and googliness alone.

Comment The new "MAN" (Score -1, Offtopic) 191

"Freecom outs first ever USB 3.0 hard drive
Mac users will just have to wait."

Mac is now being treated like "the Man" while Microsoft is becoming cool again with their ploy to "leak" windows 7 all those months ago. It pays to make people fill l337 and to not create a stereo type of latte sipping bohemian super artists like Apple has.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Mac, I just think it's funny.

Plus you're not super l33t unless you use BSD, or Windows ME...either one.

Comment This speaks a lot for Google (Score 2, Interesting) 152

Google doing this speaks a lot to the character and principles of their company...that is if you trust big companies. I'm not surprised to see that IE 8 is running faster on the Chrome framework. All my experience with IE 8 confirms why I don't use IE. It has been very unresponsive for me in multiple situations. I'm sure this is one of many steps Google is pushing for to "speed up the web".

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 94

Haven't you seen the movie Pi?....math will allow us to predict the future of the stock market and give us a better understanding in regards to Kabbalah But in all seriousness, very interesting just don't see the practicality of this issue. But as someone already stated, I'm not a big math geek, I'm more of a wannabe and a poser.

Comment My only request... (Score 1) 159

If I were to ever become a vegetable I ask only one thing...please read me all the kung-fu books while I'm out so when I come back to 100% (because I will) I can wake up being the most bad ass ever, like Neo in the Matrix. That's not to much to ask for, is it?

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