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Comment Re:Solution? (Score 1) 490

"The governmnet can't even be relied on to deliver the frickin' mail."

OK, and how often does the United States Postal Service *actually* screw up? Think about it - you get a frikking *pizza* delivered 2 miles, you're looking at tipping the driver a few bucks. But you stick a 44 cent stamp on a letter, they'll get it across the country in a reasonable amount of time, with a hell of a lot better accuracy (I've had a lot more pizza drivers not find my place than USPS employees).

Comment Hate to inject some reality, but it needs doing... (Score 1) 306

"Economics generally failed to predict the mortgage meltdown."

Um. No.

There were a *lot* of economists that were saying a decade ago that nothing good could come from the deregulation craze, and the almost total lack of effective oversight over at the SEC.

You want to hang somebody out to dry, go after the financial execs that did the stuff, and the government people that acted as facilitators.

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