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Submission + - New Facebook cameras that recognize you every time you walk into a shop ( 1

plastick writes: Shoppers could soon be automatically recognized when they walk into a shop using a controversial new cameras installed by Facebook in retail areas.

Called Facedeals, the camera uses photos uploaded to Facebook to recognise people as they walk in. Shoppers who agree to use the system, which has not been developed with Facebook, will be offered special deals.

The system is already being trialled in Nashville shops and bars. Is this the next level of Facebook's invasion of privacy?

Comment Roboform (Score 1) 257

I've used RoboForm [ ] for many years. It lets me choose my encryption algorithm (Blowfish, AES, 3DES, etc). I can save links, notes, contacts or personal data. It can fill in web forms for me using artificial intelligence, auto log me in to programs or webpages, it can store my stuff encrypted in the cloud or keep it in a folder, if using the cloud can sync all my computers and my cell phone (all that functionality is on my phone too), has anti-keylogger protection, auto generate passwords, supports finger print readers, and has a nice interface with full search. I highly recommend it and in no way, shape, or form am I connected with that company in any way. I'm just a regular user who has turned on many friends to it. The downside... it's not free and has a yearly cost but it's rather inexpensive (around $10).

Comment Re:Sliiight correction there... (Score 1) 707

Why are conservatives anti-education? Because their beliefs cannot be supported by facts, and so the more factual ideas you teach, the less conservative your people will be.

Ok, what a biased sack of garbage. Conservatives are anti-education? That is completely false and just shows what bias you find on the left. I've read this nonsense in here numerous times and it's complete drivel. What an over-generalization to make a slam, eh? Ya, the left are all perfect little angles who all have doctorates as brain surgeons and rocket scientists - just like Jimmy Carter.

You want to talk about lack of education, logic, and is more like a religion? Why is Islam so untouchable by the left and the media no matter what happens, no matter how many people are killed, no matter how many gays are hung, no matter how many women are stoned for wearing jeans, no matter how many wives are beaten because Mohammed said that's how you make them submit to Allah's will, no matter how many suicide bombers decide to kill innocent people, no matter how many times they teach the kids in school "death to America and Israel"? Ok, that last part probably because the left usually hates America and Israel which makes the rest of that ok. That's super educated right there.

In fact, most of my posts about Islam are modded (censored) right off the forum by (yup, you guessed it) the left. The left can't seem to handle a real debate without censorship and name calling (i.e. calling someone a racist for not liking a religion that has nothing to do with race - which is also very educated). $10 says this post gets censored right off the forum by... yup... the left. When pseudo logic fails they always defer to censorship, name calling, or scream racism.

No, there's no insanity at all with the lefts' views! From N.O.W. who doesn't lift a finger to help muslim women all the way to Obama and all that money he gave all those evil corporations that didn't help anyone get jobs... we should just be taxed even more so we can give it all to a bunch of lazy people who will milk the system and have tons of kids and teach them to milk the system. Oh wait... those folks are usually liberals who have no education.

Comment Re:This reminds me of the good 90s (Score 1) 142

Symantec Norton Antivirus is the worst! I can't tell you how many times people have gotten viruses running that horrible excuse for a program. And I'm always the one to fix it. Several times, the ISP called and said users were running botnets and sending out spam.... sure enough.... not only did Norton not catch it, but the ISP told me they were upset with Norton (and McAfee) for falling so far behind.

So not only is it useless, it takes up a huge chunk of your processor and continually pops up acting like the used car salesman from hell. No thanks! No one should use that garbage.

Comment Firefox addons that can stop most of this (Score 1) 352

Of course, they might break in the next release of Firefox (*sigh*) but I use:

AdBlock Plus (Stops ads!)
Beef Taco (Opt out of tracking)
BetterPrivacy (Deletes cookies)
FlashBlock (Stops Flash)
Ghostery (Stops most tracking)
NoScript (Stops Javascript)
RefControl (Stops telling the current page what last website was visited)

Of course, nothing stops your Internet Service Provider (like Time Warner Cable) from storing all the links you went to and selling them.

Comment Why won't Mozilla listen? (Score 1) 237

I use Firefox for the extensions (as do most others). If they break the extensions, then there's no need for the vast majority to use Firefox.

Why they are refusing to listen to the users and keep such an biased attitude is beyond me. You know Microsoft and Google are grinning ear to ear.

Lastly, why would you remove features/functionality (for example the status bar), and then give no way to turn them back on?? It's going backwards and actually losing functionality! That's "better"??

Comment Re:I doubt it (Score 1) 413

So in the previous expansion, they seemed to continue more casual gamer targeting, at least for PvE content. They made dungeons a hell of a lot easier, toned down raids in normal mode and so on. Very casual friendly. However in the current one they turned the difficulty way up, dungeons were a real challenge and raid were more old school. Also in PvP they have continually targeted more and more hardcore people, putting emphasis on the "digital sport" type of thing. This leads to a problem because gamers can't get what they want and it makes everyone unhappy. Hardcore types get mad when it gets easier, causal types get mad when it gets harder. Everyone seems to get mad when things just suddenly change

That's one of the best explanations I've heard and it's 100% true.

Comment Why won't the developers and designers listen? (Score 1) 401

I noticed on that one page, it's just raving reviews without hardly any criticism at all. Yet over here, there's hardly one positive word (and rightfully so!).

I think they live in their own little shielded universe of "yes men". Obviously, they aren't listening to the real world users.

Please, Mozilla, stop your obsession with taking away functionality from the UI. We don't want Chrome! We like status and menu bars! We don't want version numbers from hell that break all our addons!

Comment This is technical "news" for ./ ?? (Score 0) 284

Really? Sarah Palin who is really a joke and non-issue? The New York Times who wants you to pay for their news? This is science and technology? Wow. "Celebrity" smear news? I think the IQ for the ./ readership is dropping faster than the "value" of "bitcoin" articles. Furthermore, even though I think Sarah Palin is an idiot, the liberal bias on this site is just unreal. Ya, I'll probably take mod hits but the truth is the truth. This is lame.

Submission + - Anonymous retaliates against Spanish Government (

An anonymous reader writes: Anonymous (like they delivered one for India) has published a press release for Spanish Government in which they have stated their fellow anons as innocent protesters, who carried out the attacks and retaliated against Spanish government because of imposing internet censorship.

Submission + - Google's infrastructure is obsolete - ex-employee (

abhatt writes: Google's infrastructure may not be as high-tech as outsiders are being made to believe, according to revelations' by former engineer of the Internet giant.

The ex-googler says the tools at Google were made by "engineers in a vacuum, rather than by developers who have need of tools."

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