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Comment Re:Like who again? (Score 1) 446

Android is just Google's way of preventing Apple of being able to do "a Microsoft" and "Netscaping" them. Which is also why it's not viable long term: it doesn't make money for Google and handset makers and operators aren't interested in maintaining a platform so it comes down to gambling on the open source community which hasn't exactly got a good track record on the desktop (or in this case palmtop.)

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 428

And that was just one of MANY Android devices. :)

HTC, Motorola, LG, etc....

After the quick frenzy of this occasional apple upgrade, the numbers will go back to being Android heavy.

Samsung's the only one turning a decent profit though. And a lot of that market is selling low-end smartphones to be used as dumb phones. One company is building the next generation computing platform, the others are just selling handsets even if some are trying to create a cargo-cult facsimile of an ecosystem (like Samsung with their Samsung S-Cloud and what not.)

Comment Re:How many article submissions on this topic?? (Score 1) 147

I disagree. If the Google model wins not only will we end up with a system where device support is non-existant, app quality is low and letting developers make money is a low priority (the current state of Android "ecosystem"), and we'll all end up paying for it all by trading away our privacy and our data because that's the real priority and reason Android was ever even developed. I prefer the Apple way because I think it'll end up creating a much better (if not exactly ideal) environment for both end users and developers. Of course if a third path should open my opinion might change but that doesn't look likely any time soon.

ALL remaining parties are "corporate shills" by the way. The true free as in speech alternatives died at the hands of the Android juggernaut.

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