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Comment Re:Generation war. (Score 1) 441

It's true, we don't want to pay to train you.

We trained ourselves, on our own time and dime. Consequently, our mindset is that others should take responsibility for themselves as well. We look at the internet, where any learning can be had for effectively $0, and think back to all the money we paid to hardware vendors, bookstores and institutions of learning, as well as sheer bloody minded hammering at a problem (hacking's original meaning) and utterly fail to feel sorry for you.

We had to pay, sweat and bleed for what we learned. You can just google anything.

Fortunately, now, so can we.

But look at the bright side: eventually, we'll die.

Comment Re:What the fuck (Score 1) 361

I'm pretty sure every generation has said the same god damn thing for the last ten thousand years, and I don't think it holds any merit.

They have, and we've gotten stupider each generation.

Who's opinion are we supposed to trust? Yours, or every generation that has lived for the last 10,000 years? Before you argue, remember, only the last generation has created "The Jersey Shore".

Comment Re:Application Bianry Interface (Score 2) 326

Regarding plans...
Your post seems to be a snark saying 'future is the only kind of plan'. If that is the case, I must disagree.

There are 'past' plans, which are normally filed under "promising failures"
There are 'plans now unfolding' or 'present plans' which is also 'stuff currently being worked on' which is generally according to a 'past' plan that escaped the failure file.
And there are 'future' plans, which I agree are the best kind. The first two plans can be learned of from looking at discussion lists and discussion list archives.

Future plans normally require the visionary to speak. Often when he would prefer not to.

If your post was genuine enthusiasm, agreement and support, then I agree with you.

Comment hide the money. (Score 2) 137

You may sleep soundly, knowing that the money isn't being hidden in the Caymans or Swiss banks to avoid taxes. The US has very generous agreements with both of those country's banking systems to track funds.

Given that his chief opposition owns the IRS, and that a successful finding of concealed funds in an audit = felony = instant ineligibility to run for US President, there is about a 0% chance that there's any monkey business in his accounts.

He does, after all, give 14% of his income to charity. I don't think mindless greed is much a problem with him.

Comment Re:Probably (Score 1) 683

Larry writes fun stories, but doesn't know much about orbital dynamics.

As opposed to Robert & Virginia Heinlein, who invented/calculated the "S" orbit used by the Apollo mission. On a roll of butcher paper with a pencil. After three days calculus by hand, Robert & Virginia Heinlein both arrived at exactly the same answer; so they figured it must be correct.

Which was used in one freaking line of the book "Space Cadet".

That's why he was in NASA Mission Control when Armstrong made the most important bootprint in history.

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