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Comment root cause (Score 1) 404

I think the root issue here is not the advertising. It's that people don't want other people tracking their online activity. Sure, no one likes ads but people have to make money. If there must be ads then I'd rather they be tailored to me - BUT, I don't want someone snooping through my internet history. That's private (or as /.ers know, not so private - so why do we fuss so much?).

Comment Re:Mod: +6 (Score 1) 1146

I would add one important piece of advice though: Remember That You Will Both Screw Up. In any close relationship, you will inevitably end up hurting one another from time to time; sometimes in everyday little ways, sometimes in almighty one-off fuck-ups. Patience and forgiveness from both parties are the only medicine for such ills, and when applied liberally and sincerely, the relationship will often be stronger after the fuck-up than before.

I'll agree to this completely. Just make sure the almighty one-offs are one-offs. Even being honest and continually apologizing can't compensate for continually screwing up in the same way. It's important to recognize that successful marriages require hard work and sacrifice (like pausing - or better yet, turning off when the kids are screaming).

Also, like writing code, you don't really get to see the big picture and benefits (apart from the sex) until a lot has been written. You'll get small opportunities to look back at what's there and be satisfied but it takes years of ups and downs (see parent) to establish the deeper, stronger benefits of your partnership

Final comment, the statement in here about marriage is a relationship, not a method is mostly true. If you're sincerely trying to improve things by using methods that you discuss with your wife then you're working together (see previous team post). This is a good thing to set ground rules and habits. But yeah...honesty, teamwork, and forgiveness go a long way...even for geeks.

Comment Startup Idea (Score 1) 586

A rescue charge car. People are going to be breaking down all over the place in these things. "But my iPhone said I could go 23 miles on what I had left and home is only 20 miles according to my Garmin..." Someone's going to make millions on a 15 minute 'quickie' charge to get people home or wherever they're going. Of course you could always create a swappable battery system too.

Comment Re:Filed: October 9, 2008 (Score 1) 202

Michael Scott: "Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject, so you know you are getting the best possible information." Regardless of the history, Podcasting was definitely not created by Apple. If it was then they would have it locked down tight like everything else they own.

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