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Comment Re:You think the housing collapse was bad (Score 1) 917

Working your way through school is now impossible with a minimum wage job, since, you're looking at 35 hours a week at minimum wage to be able to afford only tuition - that doesn't include books or board.

That depends on just what you're willing and able to do. Granted, I've been out of college for a while, but I'm not a boomer, I didn't have the money, and I still worked my way through college. I worked full time, six days a week. I lived with my parents instead of on campus. I took night classes as I could afford them. I had no life. I didn't get the "classic" college experience, and it took me several years longer than it might to get my degree, but I have a decent job and I've been employed full-time with no break since I was 19.

Can everyone do it that way? No. But there are ways. If you can't do what I did, join the military. One of my daughter's friends is attending Vanderbilt on a full ride ROTC scholarship. The guy who sits next to me in our little office next to the server room got his degree while he was a sergeant in the Army. You CAN get a degree without going into debt up to your eyeballs.

If you can't afford it and you can't/won't use an alternate method to the traditional educational experience then pick up a decent trade at a vo-tech school. Believe it or not, plumbers and electricians jobs are going wanting and they pay pretty darn well. For that matter, a 2-year Registered Nurse degree is probably the best bang-for-the-buck thing out there right now.

I know it's not that simple for everyone, but if you can't afford college you've got to learn to look at the problem from a different angle.

Comment The fun way ... (Score 1) 1016

Years ago I took a big box full of 200MB SCSI drives I needed to dispose of to a rural firing range with some friends. I laid them out on the 50 yard berm and we spent a few hours plinking away at them, with AR-15's, AK-47 variants, shotguns, .357 magnum and such. Then about 30 minutes cleaning up the debris.

Comment Print'em. (Score 1) 499

Realistically the best long term storage solution is proper film prints. I have pictures from my parents and grandparents that are 60 and 70 years old that are still very viewable. Funny how that works.

But to answer the question you've actually asked, I'd probably sort them all out on a hard drive and keep that synched up to some online system, be it cloud or otherwise. The goal being that you can occasionally move the home archive to a new a nice new drive once in a while, and if you lose that you can just download them all again.

Or were you wanting "Buy this hard drive, install that software, and sync to this other online service." ?

Comment Re:Only one to protect yourself (Score 1) 417

What about those folks that can't get married?

In this context it doesn't matter. If you are in a faithful monogamous relationship then you're okay. If you aren't then the problem (and solution) is the same no matter your gender, orientation or marital status.

Comment Re:Nice summary, but... (Score 1) 804

More accurately, it can be said there were celebrations. That may have been influenced or staged has been claimed, but nobody will ever know for sure. Those claims of staging could also be BS from people who realize how bad it made the Palestinians look.

Comment Re:Only one way to fix this (Score 1) 639

Indeed. I was mocked for printing a small label with my contact information and taping it to the inside flap of my ipod case. One day my ipod slipped out of my pocket and later that morning I received a phone call from someone who works in a building down the street. Yeah, there are plenty of scumbags out there, but decent folk outnumber them.

Comment Re:As they should be. (Score 1) 628

How about the opposite: what if people die UNLESS you publish these documents and publishing them would save lives?

That's the point at which an individual has to decide if leaking the information is worth the price he will have to pay. Doing the right thing doesn't mean that bad things can't result for you personally.


Motorola Planning 2GHz Android Phone For Later This Year 183

rocket97 writes "On Wednesday, at the Executives Club of Chicago, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha reportedly decided to chat about the relatively near future of the mobile landscape as he sees it — which, in part, includes the ultimate demise of mobile computers in favor of highly-capable smartphones. This being his vision, Jha discussed Motorola's plans for a smartphone with a 2GHz processor — by the end of this year. While Jha did not want to divulge any further information, Conceivably Tech cites another anonymous Motorola executive who was a little more chatty, talking up a device intended to 'incorporate everything that is technologically possible in a smartphone today.'"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Man Spends 2,200 Hours Defeating Bejeweled 2 179

An anonymous reader writes "A California steel contractor spent 2,200 total hours over the last three years racking up a high score in Bejeweled 2. He exceeded the 2^31-1 maximum score programmed for the score display, proving that there is, in fact, an end to the game. I suppose congratulations or condolences are in order."
The Courts

Writer Peter Watts Sentenced; No Jail Time 299

shadowbearer writes "SF writer Peter Watts, a Canadian citizen, whose story we have read about before in these pages, was sentenced three days ago in a Port Huron, MI court. There's not a lot of detail in the story, and although he is still being treated like a terrorist (cannot enter or pass through the US, DNA samples) he was not ordered to do any time in jail, was freed, and has returned home to his family. The judge in the case was, I believe, as sympathetic as the legal system would allow him to be."

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