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Comment It's the same with all government spending (Score 1) 225

The goal of every government agency in any given year is to need 10% more funds than their current budget. You always need more, and never less, because cuts to your budget will mean you are under greater scrutiny the next fiscal year.

So you throw money at every half-baked idea the lab coats present. If something works out, great. If not, that just clearly shows that you need a greater budget next year, since more money = better ideas.

Comment That Malaysian DigiCert site is fun (Score 1) 80

"DIGICERT is in the center of an effective trust model that the government is creating to address the issue of information security and the negative perception that has been painted in association with online transactions." *BREATH*

"Customers won't transact business at your website unless they are certain it's secure."

"The username and static password scheme has been widely used for verification online. Nevertheless, many have recognize this scheme as being obsolete as it can no longer be trusted to provide proper authentication online. There are countless of software distributed freely across the Internet that enables the cracking of passwords. There are also hundreds of web sites that displays 'Most Recently Hacked' passwords."

You can't really call it proper Engrish, but it's just a little off too.

Comment Re:Opt Out (Score 1) 378


Someone should organize a letter writing campaign. Send them like a million of these, anyone who's willing, even if they don't own a PS3. You know, just in case I ever do decide to purchase one. Make them deal with/file/keep them all.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 615

Well keep in mind that Windows generating and saving an NTLM was the default setting up until at least Server 2003 (not sure about 2008 but I think they took care of this). Sure, good admins turn this off, but how many systems are there out there where it isn't turned off, or perhaps even turned back on for compatibility reasons?

Comment Interesting (Score 1) 673

6 pm local time is when we've scheduled to end our maintenance time at work tomorrow, replacing the core switch. Huh. I guess it's not going to go so well.

Sorry, everyone. If I'd have known that my work network was in actuality running a virtual instance of the known universe, I wouldn't have ignored all those Kerberos errors. Although in retrospect, a half-ass, thrown together Active Directory environment does explain a lot about the world we live in.

Comment And he's right too (Score 1) 366

Netflix subscribers: 23 million
Cable TV subscribers: 100 million

Who do you think content producers are going to side with (NBC/Comcast type mergers aside) if push comes to shove? It's just a matter of numbers.

Kind of ironic that the relatively recent push to get TV shows out on DVD as quickly as possible, as well as getting all the old shows out, is probably one of the leading causes of the decline in cable TV. This is what really allowed Netflix, especially Netflix Streaming, to take off. How many of you would be subscribing to Netflix Streaming if it were only movies, and not TV shows as well? I doubt I would; and I guarantee you I'd still be subscribing to Cox.

Networks got a huge profit boost when DVD sales started coming in, but in the long run it may end up doing them more harm than good.

Comment Spoken like a true extrovert (Score 5, Insightful) 475

"I’ve been on teams that eat together every day, and it’s awesome."
"...but you’ll also see a distressing number of loners eating by themselves..."
" Maybe they’re reading a book or checking their email while they eat so they don’t look sad."
"Maybe they genuinely don’t like people and they’re happy to eat alone. Or maybe they’re just telling you that."

This is something I see a lot in workplaces: Extroverted people just not understanding the mind of introverted people. Honestly I'm surprised a person with experience in the tech field (I assume) is falling into this trap.

Not everyone enjoys being around and talking to other people all day long. Maybe it's because they're shy, maybe it's because they don't like their co-workers, maybe it's because they have some kind of disorder, or maybe it's just their natural personality. I gotta be honest, there's no way I'd last at that place, because if my boss/coworkers were on my case every day to come eat with them, I'd be miserable. It's fine if the group wants to go out/gather once in a while, but not every day. Most days I just want to go have an hour where I can be left to myself and not have to talk to anyone else. Wonder how many otherwise good employees he's run off with this policy?

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