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Comment Re:Legal? (Score 1) 255

It sounds nice but it is absolutely untrue. European law is NOT copied from old western movies..
And it would be very strange to be detained by a civil court. I don't think they do that.
What strikes me mostly as odd is that TPB could probably have gotten top-notch lawyers to represent them for free, as this is such a high profile case.

Comment Re:Debt to society? (Score 2, Informative) 358

And as someone with a very close relative a victom of a sexual related crime, i hope no-one elses daughter meets that guy after he has left jail (served 6 years). He's really a charm, and can be very convincing when he has a gun in his hand. Jail may have cured him, but about 5 to 10% of these people do it again within 5 years after release from prisson. I think this one will. Where I live, we don't get to know where these people live after leaving jail, and with this guy that worries me.. He knows where _WE_ live...

But for sure, public exposing their whereabouts should be for the real dangerous cases only.

Comment Re:Legal? (Score 0) 255

The server is not the issue. The judge ruled that copyright infringement is made (also) in the netherlands, and that TPB act as a broker to that copyright infringement. Since TPB didn't even bother to contradict that... they lost. Since they didn't even gave the judge a chance to ask them weather blocking dutch access was possible or not, they lost on that one too. Now it is _their_ problem how to obey with that. Not showing up is just a stupid strategy...

Comment Re:Debt to society? (Score 2, Insightful) 358

How this gets moderated insightful is beyond me. You consider 'dangerous' as a binary: Either you are and you should be locked up, or you are not and you should have all the rights that everyone else has. The real world is just not that simple, and an in-between form (you are not in prisson but you get watched very carefully) may allow offenders to return to freedom at least in some sense, while the higher probability of this person to commit a crime again is also addressed. Oh, and should you ever have a daughter, they come without the right developement tools so they may very well end up a little different than you hoped them to be.

iPhone App Tracks Sex Offenders 358

The Narrative Fallacy writes "All 50 states in the US require the 50,000 people convicted of sexual offenses to sign a register so that their whereabouts can be tracked and monitored. The Telegraph reports that now users of the iPhone Offender Locator application can search for sex offenders living nearby a friend or colleague whose address is stored in their Apple iPhone address book, or they can type in a street address to generate a list of convicted sex offenders in the local area. 'Offender Locator gives everyone the ability to find out if registered sex offenders live in their area,' says the application developer, ThinAir Wireless, on its iTunes page. 'Knowledge equals safety. They know where you and your family are...now it's time to turn the tables so that you know where they live and can make better decisions about where to allow your kids to play.' Offender Locator uses the iPhone's built-in GPS to pinpoint the user's location, and then provide a map listing sex offenders in the local area. Tapping on one of the 'pins' dropped on to the map brings up a photograph of the offender, as well as their address, date of birth and list of convictions."

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