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Comment Re:Higher taxes needed (Score 1) 590

without taxes there is no society. without society you're very likely to experience actual theft and actual gun barrels, but very little services.

I hear there's no taxes in Somalia and it's only a plane ride away.

There is something called a resource based economy in which there is no money and therefore no taxes. This would be a much better society to live in because it solves the problems of crime, war, and poverty.

Comment Re:New form of taxes! (Score 1) 411

You are wrong about one thing. It is the people who should actively seek solutions to poverty, crime and war. By giving that power to politicians, you ensure that there will, in fact, be more laws passed and no solutions found. People need to stand up and take the responsibility back from the government and quit relying on that government for their every need and whim.

How do you propose people to end war, crime, and poverty. I'm especially interested in hearing how you end war. What control do people have over the military?

Comment Re:New form of taxes! (Score 3, Insightful) 411

The wheels of justice have fallen off. There is no justice especially when the laws are corrupt. It is impossible for everyone to know all of the laws; therefore, the system is broken. Why is it in the USA we have the most people in Prison in the entire world? Instead of passing more laws, our politicians should actively seek real solutions that end poverty, crime, and war; however, this does not make good business. So they ignore these social problems and continue down the path of fascism.

Comment Re:Blanket licensing is never legal (Score 1) 208

So what exactly happens in the absence of government? Or a Representative Democracy? Would abusive, rich, powerful individuals just disappear?

Depends on the newly established system. If you consider the resource based economy, then cybernated systems will handle the "government" part which is mainly concerned with distributing resources. Corruption will be made irrelevant by the system. Right now, its profitable to be corrupt. But in a resource based economy, there is no incentive to be corrupt and not possible to "attain power".

Comment Re:Here's the cure (Score 1) 432

"The auto lobby (carmakers, insurance companies, aaa etc) do their best to ensure that there's insufficient public transit/public transit of insufficient quality, forcing people to buy cars to get around..."

Care to give specifics on how these industries you just named actively ensure there isn't sufficient public transportation?

"In the United States, automobile and tire manufacturers conspired to close down the US streetcar system in the Great American streetcar scandal." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tram#Demise_in_the_US

Comment Re:So Where Exactly is this 'Leaked' Document? (Score 1) 775


"Direct military leaders to end war in Iraq"

Lets see, permanent military bases, check. Troops still in Iraq, check. US and Iraqi's still being killed, check. Where is this end of the war?

Comment Re:End of Suburbia (Score 1) 681

"Are there 1) More proven oil reserves or 2) Less proven oil reserves today than there was a year ago?"
Are there more consumers of oil now then ever in history? What is the rate of oil consumption? Is the rate increasing or decreasing?

"and in the case of solar, might be worse for global warming".
Are you saying that solar panels will increase the temperature of the earth? How?

"note you don't mention nuclear"
Because nuclear is unsafe and produces waste that is also dangerous. This source of energy is also non-renewable.

Comment Re:End of Suburbia (Score 1) 681

"2) Alternatives not being developed in the 200 years we have before oil runs out."
Do you know what the concept of peak oil is? Why do you think that earth has 200 years left of oil for us to consume?

Why hope for "alternatives" when we already have viable alternatives today. Wind, Solar, Geothermal, tidal, and wave. Of course, using these technologies requires us to change our lifestyles.

"without needing to impose a dictatorship on our citizens to plan for a future that will never arrive."
We already have a dictatorship imposed on the citizens. So I do not know what you mean by this statement.

Comment Re:End of Suburbia (Score 1) 681

Using the current model of cities isn't the answer; neither is suburbia. In terms of efficiency, suburbia is highly inefficient. The resources required to get goods to the "consumer" requires heavily on the use of oil. It does not matter if you like suburbia or not, the reality is this way of life is not sustainable and will eventually end with the decline of oil production.

The idea is to intelligently design our cities and transportation systems. The current city structure is poorly designed as a poster above points out, food needs to be "trucked" in.

Futurist such as Jacque Fresco have proposed city architectures that are sustainable including their own food production facilities within the city as well as efficient transportation systems. Using hydroponics locally is far more sustainable then trucking in non-editable "corn" from the midwest to be processed and integrated in much of our food supply.

Comment End of Suburbia (Score 1) 681

I wish this would have been so. The road system in the USA is a complete waste of money and resources. It is also unsustainable. When the oil production starts to decline, "trucking" in food and products from around the world to suburbia will drastically increase in price and eventually will stop in most parts of the country.. Please see "End of Suburbia" for more information.

Comment Re:why in your mind (Score 1) 186

"do you equate political dissent with hooligans intent on smashing windows?"

Do you know what happens to people when they have political dissent in the USA? Ask General Lee and the "South". How about the people in Waco Texas? How about the students at Kent State University? Like I said in previous posts, there are plenty of examples.

Comment Where is this Freedom of speech? (Score 1) 186

"if a us official tried to punish me for expressing my political opinion, that official in turn could be punished, sued, even possibly charged with a crime."
Where do you think you live again?

Here is just one of the many examples where the government chooses to silence those that oppose them. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/blog/2009/sep/25/sonic-cannon-g20-pittsburgh

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