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Comment Re:Buddhists and hinduists aren't educated (?) (Score 1) 473

Actually, yes. Many people here in Thailand *are not* aware. Nazi swastika T-Shirts and helmets are sold on the streets by people who have no concept of the history of that variant.

WWII around here had little to do with the Nazi's, around here they were busy with the Japanese. Education is terrible so people generally have a poor grasp of local history, let alone what was happening in Europe while their country was occupied by the Japanese and hundreds of thousands died by being worked to death. And why go all the way to Europe for the horror show when Cambodia next door played host to the Khmer Rouge.

Comment Re:Just a passing fad or... (Score 1) 521

I don't think the industry complaining is interesting. A lot of the industry will resist the change as their careers are on the line, like the stars who disappeared because sound came along and their voices where not up to par, or the stars who will disappear because their skin doesn't stand up to HD.

What I find interesting is the consumers who are complaining. People like me who are finding the movies are more enjoyable in 2D. I find 3D movies uncomfortable and destroy immersion in pretty much the same way as uncomfortable seats or irritating people sitting nearby do.

I'll fondly recall Comming At Ya and Treasure of the Four Crowns from 25 years ago in glorious full colour 3d, but I'm certainly glad the technology never went mainstream like predicted. We have been here before, same arguments, same excuses, nearly identical technology. Industry sees it as a way of making a buck but the artists and consumers reject it. Come back to me when we can project holograms or something my brain will actually believe is 3d.

Comment Re:Ah the joys... (Score 1) 551

Hardware compatibility list for Windows is pointless. Unless you bought it in an Apple store, it works with Windows. Or I should say, it will work at least equally as well with Windows than with any other OS.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 451

To further qualify, *Bangkok* has the hospitals. Even an hours drive away the hospitals are bad. But there are a lots of hospitals in Bangkok that are world class, and here most westerners can afford better care than they can at home. Outside of Bangkok and in the neighboring countries expats agree the best treatment for anything more serious than a broken leg is a trip to Bangkok.

Little known fact - if you have an expensive medical or dental procedure, discuss with your insurance company a trip to Bangkok or other medical tourism destination. Better treatment than they will pay for back home, you get a free holiday out of the deal, and the insurance company wins too because it saves them money.

Comment Re:And then after? (Score 1) 143

Unfortunately in Australia the consequences for lying seems to be reelection, as demonstrated by the repeated election of the Howard government. Caught out a number of times, but quickly forgotten as the propaganda machines kicked in. People believed they were best for the job despite knowing they were liars.

Comment Re:The sad thing is... (Score 1) 166

The King cannot change the laws - he does not have that power under the constitution. Instead he is limited to pardoning individual charged with Lese Majesty, which I think he has in all cases in recent years. He seems to have made what statements he can about these laws. He can't do anything about the web site blocks.

Politicians are the only ones who can change or abolish these laws. Except they can't, as their opponents would paint them as anti-monarchy and they would be out on their ear in no time via the ballet box, protests or coup. The vast majority of Thais really do love their King to this extent and willingly give up their freedoms for this. You can be patronizing and say they are stupid or short sighted or victims of an amazing propaganda machine for the last 60 years, but they still feel this way.

So nothing is going to change until the 80 year old King dies, at which point it is anyones guess what happens. The Thais are a superstitious lot and there are a number of groups who put credence in an old prophecy that the current King will be the last in his dynasty. Surprisingly enough, a lot of them are royalists with a number of people on the 'red' side wanting the prince to end up on the throne due to his past ties with Thaksin. After the succession, the Lese Majesty laws will no longer be such a hot potato because any successor (if there is one at all) will not have anywhere near the same public adulation.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 647

The article is not 'just clarifying that customs officers have the right to search your laptop'. It is also pointing out that now you need to declare if you have pornography when entering the country, and if you say yes, will need to go through the 'something to declare' lanes and answer questions about your pornography.

Do I want customs officials to be asking me leading and ambiguous questions like 'Where did you obtain your pornography?', 'Are you sure your pornography contains no images of people under 18 years old?', 'Is any of your pornography of a violent nature, simulated or real?', 'Does your pornography depict sexual acts with animals, living or dead?', 'Does your pornography contain images of people who look under 16 years of age?'. And I certainly don't want people poking through my porn collection. Sure, now I'm aware of this I can avoid it but a) that just points out how silly it is and b) I shouldn't have to go to the bother and c) don't like where these laws are leading.

And if you say no, and your laptop is searched anyway, there is now grounds to keep you out of the country.

As an Australian citizen, I certainly don't want to be interrogated like this. As an Australian citizen, I don't want guests visiting my country to be interrogated like this.

Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 175

Are any browser developers looking at this seriously? Looking at panopticlick's output, I could happily do without any of that crap being sent to a site except my preferred language. The rest could just be standard boilerplate, with everything else being dealt with client side. I occasionally might get a video that can't be decoded or a font that is mapped weirdly, but that happens today anyway.

Comment Re:HMMMM (Score 1) 130

Thankfully they appear to just be trying to shut down the propaganda machines that are driving this. Nobody is censoring the foreign press, except the red camp who booted them out of protest sites for 'biased reporting'.

The issues that stop people knowing the full picture here are the defamation and lese majesty laws, which are used as political weapons. Reporters still have to be circumspect to avoid retribution, or make sure they are out of the country before they go to press.

Comment Re:These guys are as bad as the movie industry (Score 1) 375

I suspect all those titles would be what the panel termed 'niche-y'. Casual gaming is where the big money is, and big companies are chasing that market with big dollar signs in their eyes.

What wasn't mentioned is if the PC gaming market is getting smaller with consoles and iPhones and handhelds stealing sales, or if the newer devices are opening new markets. Sure big publishers are going to be chasing the new multi billion dollar markets, but they are not stupid enough to leave behind their existing multi billion dollar markets.

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