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Comment Re:SMS - most expensive data transmission (Score 1) 34

Dear American,

SMS is the *least* expensive way to send data in developing countries. Here in the Philippines, normal SMS costs only 0.02USD per message. It costs 0.49USD for 1 day unlimited SMS. Unlimited 3G/HSDPA costs 1.23USD per day. LTE is currently free because it's still being tested in selected cities.

Comment Re:Java sucks. (Score -1) 270

GPL is too restrictive. It should not be called "free software" by any rational definition of the term. Oracle retains far too much control. Languages that don't have a genuinely free implementation (Java, C#/VB, Perl, Ada, etc) should be avoided.

(Yes, same "--libman" (obviously excluding comment #42769199 - a second false-positive for my indexing script to ignore...)... Biased GNUtards will abuse their mod powers to limit me to 2 posts per day, which I why I post as "AC".)

Comment Re:Two sides to the coin (Score -1) 147

Though it is nice to see when the evil tool is used for good.

You cannot achieve good ends by evil means.

(This is especially true in the modern world, where technology makes non-violent communication ever-easier.)

Benevolent ends are a cheap excuse that all sides can claim, thereby proliferating evil.

Socialist propaganda needs to be debunked, but never stifled by force.

No matter if it's North Korea or Barack Obama, or anywhere in between.



Senators Seek H-1B Cap That Can Reach 300,000 605

dcblogs writes "A bipartisan group of Senators is planning to introduce a bill that allows the H-1B visa cap to rise automatically with demand to a maximum of 300,000 visas annually. This 20-page bill, called the Immigration Innovation Act of 2013 or the 'I-Squared Act of 2013,' is being developed by Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), and Chris Coons (D-Del.). It may be introduced next week. Presently, the U.S. has an H-1B visa cap of 65,000. There are another 20,000 H-1B visas set aside for advanced degree gradates of U.S. universities, for 85,000 in total. Under the new bill, the base H-1B cap would increase from 65,000 to 115,000. But the cap would be allowed to rise automatically with demand, according to a draft of the legislation."

Researchers Study Mystery of the Toddler Who Won't Grow 252

kkleiner writes "Twenty-year-old Brooke Greenberg hasn't grown since age five. For the last 15 years, mystified doctors have been unable to explain the cause for Brooke's disorder that has kept her aging in check. At age twenty, she maintains the physical and mental appearance of a toddler. The researchers are now are painstakingly analyzing Brooke’s entire genome in search of unique mutations. Needless to say, it is a formidable undertaking. 'Cracking the code on Brooke’s condition,' [Dr. Eric Shadt] wrote, 'is the proverbial searching for a needle in a haystack, since likely there is one or a small number of letters changed in Brooke’s genome that has caused her condition.' To find the mutation Shadt and his team are using the latest genome sequencing and analysis tools. The strategy is to compare Brooke’s genome to the genomes of her parents and three normal sisters, as well as to other available sequences from the general population, and identify gene mutations that only Brooke has."

Comment Re:Anybody using Ada? (Score -1) 165

Summing up my recent comment on another story:

Historically C has been irreplaceable for serious system programming, and on the other side of Ousterhout's Dichotomy we had decent scripting languages like Python, Ruby, Tcl, Lua, etc. Now we're seeing the slow emergence of a new generation of languages that are close enough to the power and efficiency of C, and also offer much greater developer productivity and safety: D, Go, Rust, Nimrod, etc.


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