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Comment Re:wow (Score 1) 403

Definitely... I was thinking about posting that link to a discussion I've been in on getting Siri to work in the corporate environment (firewall rules, etc.), but I didn't because the email address is associated with my dev account.

Comment Re:Amazon did it (Score 1) 338

The iPad CAN be produced for less than $500, and it is. Don't forget that Apple has made long-term commitments with the memory manufacturers, so they've even got better deals than that...


iPad 2

Comment Re:Backup your SHSH files - NOW (Score 1) 281

Beware of TinyUmbrella. It does what it is supposed to do, but if you ever have to use it, it doesn't clear out your hosts file properly.

As a result, if you ever try to install a new firmware from Apple, it will fail. Fixing that is as simple as manually removing the line it adds from your hosts file... but if you forget to do that first, it's going to take you hours and hours to get your phone working.

Comment Re:Bluetooth-enabled vs. Disconnected (Score 1) 147

No, this is similar to saying "If your computer isn't plugged into a network, but you haven't disabled your internal NIC in device manager, your computer is vulnerable."

The lines are blurred a bit because Bluetooth is a wireless technology, but their point is you don't have to be actively connected to anything to get hacked.

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