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Comment Re:Your definition of movie may vary... (Score 0) 207

From the FTA: “There is no official deal in place to make that happen, as it isn’t controlled by a ‘distributor’ as such. The only conclusion we can reach is that in the absence of a ‘proper’ distributor, they won’t list us.”

I dunno why he gave such a lame geek answer like "the sky is falling you're retarded". Should have just sent him an email with the distribution info:

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Comment Re:Georgia Aquarium (Score -1) 352

Use fine sandpaper or even better, a sharpening stone, to create a sharp edge. This edge will be where the vertical edge meets the horizontal surfaces. Not only does sanding increase the chances of your victim being cut but sanded glass is less likely to chip along the edges and has some added strength. sorta source

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