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Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 2) 331

<quote> Having a stupid accent is a conscious decision. </quote> No, no it really isn't. I notice that if I spend more than one week with a particular group of people on and off, I start using their speech patterns, including pronunciation, tonality, etc. Every now and again, I cringe over something that I've unconsciously mimicked. Getting rid of a stupid accent is the conscious decision, and not an easy one. There's a reason people suggest full immersion language learning.

This. I have a couple of relatives that grew up in the exact same area with the exact same accents, but 10-20 years later their accents now reflect where they moved to (Kansas, Georgia, South Carolina). Though their accents aren't as heavy as the average joe from the area, it still clearly isn't what it used to be.

At the same time, I moved someone only a few hours or so away from where I grew up. My coworkers occasionally make fun of my accent, while I didn't notice a difference. I finally visited home again after a year, and I immediately knew what my coworkers were making fun of.

On a similar topic, is that some kind of phenomenon? Where you don't notice your own accent?

Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 745

if there is ONE case where it is true and your sample size is (nearly) infinitely large, the chance to find another case is 1.

Perhaps "nearly 1", but not 1. Case in point: There are infinite counting numbers, but only 1 even prime number (2). Surely with an infinite sample size, by your logic, you would expect multiple examples even primes?

You're mixing constants with statistical probabilities.

Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 745

The Crusades, Inquisition, the Thirty Years' War, the Jihad, 9/11 are just a few examples of what God-fearing people can do. Religion is one of, if not the biggest causes of war and violence. People were fucking burned alive for thought-crime - belonging, or merely being accused, to another religion or to none.

Religion prevents violence? Ha!

Those people had something wrong with them to begin with. They just needed an excuse to act. Religion in itself isn't the cause. Just like guns and bombs aren't the cause. They just aide the people who want to abuse it for their own means, even though it might go against what it was originally designed for. I don't know of too many religions that explicitly state "go out and murder a bunch of people because they disagree with this religion". Twisted interpretations should not represent the source material, or anybody else who uses it to help improve their own and others' lives.

It certainly doesn't help to demonize such large groups of people because of a few extremists. While whining about religious people not being tolerant, blaming these same people for the majority of wars is showing a similar style of intolerance. The people who started those particular wars may be citing their religion as the reason, but the real reason is they're just insane assholes.

Comment Re:It is Yule Tide... (Score 1) 745

How about "Prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder Induced Suicide By Putting Up Lots Of Lights And Reminders That Things Will Get Better In The Spring While Getting Drunk And Exchanging GIfts Day"

It served a much more important and practical purpose before pervasive electric lighting came along. It kept you alive.

Interesting that it kept you alive back then, because now it almost kills me. Family is crazy.

Comment Re:Why now? (Score 1) 422

Apple doesn't understand that Microsoft won because they were very responsive to what customers wanted. They bent over backwards to give what (the biggest segment of) customers wanted.

And that's why the Windows 7 UI is an abortion gone wrong.

Curious, because all the reviews I read about Windows 7 praise it. Which UI elements are we even talking about here? Note that I've only used it maybe a few days total time, but when I did it seemed fine.

Comment Re:Why now? (Score 4, Interesting) 422

Apple has always been about proprietary and high-priced consumer items. I don't know where you're getting this, "Google is the new Apple," schtick from.

Apple used to include schematics for the computers they sold. So no, they didn't always used to be about proprietary, and they weren't always complete dicks.


Two SOPA Writers Become Entertainment Lobbyists 171

schwit1 writes "According to Politico, 'A pair of senior Hill aides at the center of a brewing battle between Hollywood and Silicon Valley are packing their bags for K Street, where they’ll work for two of the entertainment lobby shops trying to influence their former colleagues in Congress on the very same issue. Allison Halataei, former deputy chief of staff and parliamentarian to House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas), and Lauren Pastarnack, a Republican who has served as a senior aide on the Senate Judiciary Committee, worked on online piracy bills that would push Internet companies like Google, Yahoo and Facebook to shut down websites that offer illegal copies of blockbuster films and chart-topping songs.' Techdirt adds, 'Pastarnack went to the MPAA where she'll be "director of government relations" and Halataei to the NMPA (music publishers and songwriters) where she'll be "chief liaison to Capitol Hill." The Politico article linked above notes that this kind of "revolving door" is all too common. It may not be directly corrupt, but to the public it sure feels corrupt.'"

Comment Re:Septins are to Antibiotics as IPv6 is to IPv4 (Score 1, Informative) 73

We the ppl control the government. We get to elect our representatives, or use direct methods such as referendums.

That's what they'd like you to think. Dictators love elections.

It doesn't matter who's in control. If they get too powerful, it's time to think twice about the situation. And guess where we're at now?

Comment Is this a joke? (Score 1) 839

It's broken because last year I was spending over $90/month for all of a few channels... and then only a few programs on those channels. Why on earth would I do that? It's like paying for a whole cupcake when all you do is eat the sprinkles. And an overpriced cupcake at that!

I don't give a shit who said "TV is a passive experience", because that's not the way many of us want it to be 100% of the time. I want content I pay for. I want to be able to look for it in an engaging way without channel surfing. And, the technology has come to a point where we are able to get the content on the spot without futzing around with crappy DVRs. It opens up new worlds and possibilities. Suddenly, content publishers don't need (or they shouldn't anyway) extensive contracts and agreements with broadcasters just to get their stuff on the air. Suddenly, publishers can be in more control and get a bigger cut... and probably with less ads. Everybody wins. Maybe this way we'll get something worth watching instead of Ghost Hunters 47, season 15 of survivor, or the next "reality" TV show following the latest waste of space that calls themselves a celebrity.

My question is: what the hell isn't wrong with TV as it is now?

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