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Comment So much for folks like me... (Score 2) 630

...who taught themselves how to code when they were 10.

Who owned a Timex Sinclair T1000 when they were 11 amd learned the entire Z80 machine language set simply by experiementing with PEEK and POKE... as well as learning Pascal.

Who wrote our own games.

Who owned three different computers by the time they were 12.

Who then majored in Computer Science (dual major in Mathematics) simply becuase that is what they really loved to do.

Yeah... fuck that. I would never hire such a person.

Andrew Oliver: what a complete and utter dunce.

Comment Red Planet was a terrible movie (Score 1) 91

But the robotic dog was the way a Terminator should have been built from the get go. For more effective, can stand if it wants to to operate weapons, and what dog doesn't bark at another dog? Yes military and police dogs don't - but the other dogs bark at them and even the trained dogs can get riled up.

Comment Another suggestion... no Borax involved (Score 1) 365

If there are two fire ant hills close by, a shovelful of dirt and ants from hill one into hill two (and vice versa) can start of quite a little war (they will ignore your camper for the few days you are there). Assuming the two hills aren't part of the same colony which I know of no way to check.

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