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Comment Re:We never needed them before (Score 1) 607

You're right, of course. While we're on this line of reasoning, let's also stop using the following:

  • Modern medical intervention: Ultrasounds

Probably give you cancer...

delivery rooms

Often disregard centuries of midwifery and basic ideas such as beneficial use of birthing baths and gravity...


Have been shown to be over-prescribed and the associated dangers minimised so that many mothers do not give informed consent...


Irresponsible overuse of which has helped give us superbugs, whereas just training people to wash their hands with soap and water more often would have worked just as well. Oh, and probably cause cancer...


Millions of kids on expensive anti-psychotics for run-of-the-mill running-around-like-a-kid activity, not to mention the trillions of dollars spent on the unregulated, so-called 'herbal' side of big pharma, making expensive pee for hundreds of millions of people every day... Not what I'd call progress, oh, and of course probably cause cancer :P


Doesn't take a genius with equipment to work out if someone's hot or not. We have heat receptors in our skin... Oh, and if you break them, they can cause cancer...


See?? Overuse! :P


Should be eliminated. Personal, autonomous (in other words, easily crashable) transport vehicles are illogical in a day and age when we could have a top-notch public transportation system in every city; or it could still use private vehicles but utilize something like compressed air engines (needs electricity but this at least consolidates the fuel issue at the power plant, instead of having a billion separate pollution points you can have just a few thousand, and convert those to non-polluting sources); and between every city maglev can do the job... But I digress..


Disposable nappies are a huge problem in landfill - we would be hugely better off if people stuck with reusable ones. Also less chance of things like allergic reactions (or cancer!!) from the plastics involved, and much cheaper too.


The paper comes from trees and needs to be bleached, the bleach runoff gets into the waterways, and gives you cancer.

Any footwear or clothing technology invented in the last 200 years

What, are you kidding? Ruffles are BACK dude! :D

With a little trust and good parenting, ALL of these items are unncessary ... until you need them.

Or until you get cancer.

Comment Re:Kid won't know what to do when an adult (Score 1) 607

Exactly. As a parallel, every time I hear someone say "Derpy-derp derrr.. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...", it gives me an overwhelming urge to snap their spine. By their logic, I'm turning them into fricken superman!

Oh, and I think I'd invest the several hundred dollars in some judo lessons instead. When my kid's 6 he/she will be able to kill you with a toenail.

Comment Re:You mean "Coldest Naturally Occurring Spot" (Score 2, Funny) 108

The speed of light, as we've all heard, is a constant: 186,171 miles per second in a vacuum. But it is different in the real world, outside a vacuum; for instance, light not only bends but also slows ever so slightly when it passes through glass or water. Still, that's nothing compared with what happens when [Lene Vestergaard] Hau shines a laser beam of light into a Bose-Einstein condensate: it's like hurling a baseball into a pillow. "First, we got the speed down to that of a bicycle," Hau says. "Now it's at a crawl, and we can actually stop itâ"keep light bottled up entirely inside the BEC, look at it, play with it and then release it when we're ready."


Since my boggled eyes probably won't constitute a worthy post, I guess I should add this. :) (it's a tiny bit relevant lol)

Comment Re:This is a common problem for OSS (Score 3, Funny) 127

I could maybe understand this law making sense in the cold war era, and/or as it relates to hardware crypto, but it seems pretty irrelevant and ignorant for them to try and restrict the exchange of digital informa-- I'm sorry, for a second there I was thinking that politicians and legislators actually had a grasp on reality, please excuse my momentary lapse.

Comment Re:Oblig xkcd... (Score 5, Insightful) 127

Oh wow... Either /. searches and penalises for the letters f-i-r-s-t appearing in a primary post, or I just got bitchslapped at the speed of light.

I apologise.

Also, I should also mention the fact that legislation against encryption is ridiculously counter-productive; if the feds are after someone for any good reason, and that person is a criminal, they aren't going to respect such a restriction if they're already violating more serious laws. If all they succeed in doing is reducing legitimate commercial trade in such products, they're hurting themselves but at the same time improving the market tremendously for illicit dealers (note this observation applies to drugs as well, hmm).

Comment Re:Dig upan Old Meme (Score 1) 463

Memes don't actually die though, they just lie dormant, waiting for the chance to trigger again... Usually after the initial stage of widespread use it will degenerate rapidly into the "the-only-people-using-this-meme-now-either-don't-realise-it's-no-longer-cool-or-realise-but-are-mocking-it" stage, followed by the dormant state... then months or sometimes years later, it may resurface, in some cases memetically modified and even more annoying.

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