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"Stayin Alive" Helps You Stay Alive 31

In a small study conducted at the University of Illinois medical school, doctors and students maintained close to the ideal number of chest compressions doing CPR while listening to the Bee Gees hit, "Stayin' Alive." At 103 beats per minute, the old disco song has almost the perfect rhythm to help keep accurate time while doing chest compressions. The study showed the song helped people who already know how to do CPR, and the results were promising enough to warrant larger, more definitive studies with real patients or untrained people. I wonder what intrinsic power is contained in "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?"

Submission + - Pirate Bay faces block over child porn

mernil writes: The Local reports: "File sharing site The Pirate Bay could be shut down, after Swedish police alleged that it is possible to access child pornography via the site. The Pirate Bay denies the charge, while the Pirate Party described the police's strategy as "a scandalous abuse of power". "After complaints from the public we have been able to establish that there is child pornography on Pirate Bay," wrote the head of the National Criminal Investigation Department's IT crimes unit Stefan Kronkvist in a statement.
The Courts

Submission + - Pirate Bay faces block over child porn files

paulraps writes: File sharing site The Pirate Bay could be shut down next week, after Swedish police alleged that it is possible to access child pornography via the site. The owners deny the charge, and said that the police should first have informed them and should have be more concerned with trying to catch whoever is spreading the material. Sweden's 'Pirate Party' described the police's strategy as "a scandalous abuse of power".
The Internet

Submission + - Swedish Police Prepares To Block ThePirateBay.Org ( 1

Xemu writes: "The Swedish National Police Board has issued a statement that the famous file-sharing site ThePiratebay.Org will be added to the Swedish national Web blacklist next week, which in effect would shut down public access to the site. The Swedish national Web blacklist was created to give the Police means to prevent access to sites offering child pornography. When the blacklist was first implemented, many critics voiced concern that it would later be used to block non-child pornography sites with contents less liked by authorities, and indeed this now seems to be happening. In a blog interview, Anakata from ThePiratebay says "We see ThePiratebay as a search engine like any other. The police has never contacted us about suspected child porn. They should block Google." ( Sorry, links in Swedish only, this scoop is less than 30 minutes old. )"

Submission + - Swedish Police Shuts Down Pirate Bay - Again ( 1

Anonymous Coward writes: "This Friday, it became known that the Swedish Police Board will shut down The Pirate Bay, the popular file sharing site, by classifying it as a child pornography site in the blocklist that Swedish Internet Providers respect. Some time next week, an update to the blacklist will include The Pirate Bay. This means that anyone from Sweden visiting the well-known file sharing site The Pirate Bay will be greeted by a block page from the Police Board saying they're not allowed to visit child pornography sites."

Submission + - Sweden shuts down The Pirate Bay again

larkly writes: "(From the i-told-you-so-dept) The Swedish Pirate Party released a press statement today, claiming that the Swedish police authorities have classified the torrent site The Pirate Bay as a distribution site for child pornography. The filter has not been subject of much national criticism, as it was only intended for blocking child pornography sites, but its usage now seems to drift in a different direction."
The Internet

Submission + - Swedish Police Will Censor The Pirate Bay (

Sixdays writes: "Working online gives you a lot of friends. Some of those gives you heads up when something big is going on, and sometimes really big things happen. A couple of hours ago I got one of those — The Swedish Police is going to put The Pirate Bay in it's Child porn filter! Read the full story HERE"

Submission + - New Software Stops Mars Rover Confusion

MattSparkes writes: "The Mars rover Spirit used to get quite confused when it came upon a rock. Because it could only plan routes of a metre or two it couldn't understand how to navigate around large objects, and frequently used to rock back and forth for hours trying to figure it out. NASA have written new software called D* for the rover Opportunity, which should allow it to autonomously plan routes up to 50 metres long. The new software still won't be able to avoid sand-traps though."
Operating Systems

Submission + - South Africa to switch to open source

Tech writes: The Mail & Guardian is reporting that the South African government has approved a policy and strategy to implement free and open source software in government departments. A project office will be set up by April to ensure smooth implementation of Foss throughout the country.

Submission + - Two novae at dawn

Auke Slotegraaf writes: "Earlier in February, a nova erupted in Scorpius, and then flared up to naked-eye brightness. It is still (Feb 22) visible, and can be seen in the morning sky before sunrise. Then on the 19th, a second nova erupted, just 3 degrees away from the first! It is currently visible in binoculars. It is still unclear how bright the second one may become, but chances are we will have TWO naked-eye novae a cosmic hair's breadth apart! A finder chart of the two novae is at 0222-v1281-scorpii.html"

Submission + - Google launches hosted Apps for the enterprise

Rob writes: Search giant Google will today launch is much anticipated attack on Microsoft's desktop applications monopoly with the delivery of a hosted applications service for enterprises. Google Apps Premier Edition brings together the company's email, calendaring, instant messaging and voice over IP applications with its word processing and spreadsheet functionality and email for mobile devices. It is available as hosted service costing $50 per account per year, and also offers 10GB of storage per user, application programming interfaces for business integration, and 99.9% uptime guarantees, as well as 24-hour, seven-day support, and Google's advertising tunred off by default.

Submission + - Rocket Explosion Observed over Australia

volcanopele writes: "On February 19, a failed Russian Briz-M rocket booster exploded several hundred miles over Australia. The explosion and subsequent fragmentation was observed by numerous amateur astronomers in that country. The United States Air Force Space Surveillance System has tracked the booster and has thus far observed over 1100 fragments sharing the booster's eccentric orbit."
The Internet

Submission + - World's First Extradition for Warez Complete

Glad I'm Not Down Under writes: In a move sure to frighten most of those with piles of old cracked PC games and a hastily copied list of serial numbers, the world's first warez extradition — dating back to a series of raids dubbed "Operation Buccaneer" in 2001 — has finally come to an end. Hew Rayond Griffiths, alleged to also have gone by the screen name Bandido, has been delivered into American custody and faces up to 10 years in prison despite never having profited from his alleged crimes or having set foot on American soil committing them. Victim companies impacted by the group Bandido is said to have run, Drink or Die, are situated globally. Griffiths spent three years prior to extradition in an Australian prison, equal in length to some of the longest warez sentences handed out to date. It is unclear as to how he will be represented as his case proceeds, as he was the recipient of provided counsel while fighting against the extradition in Australia. Justice served, or the export of American intellectual property ideals on a foreign nation?

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