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Submission + - Geek Trip?

Yuri writes: In a couple of months I'll be taking a vacation: from Denver to SF by train, from SF to LA and then Las Vegas by rental car. Besides the obvious Star Trek Experience at the Vegas Hilton,what's a geek to do in (and between) these destinations?
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Dear Dell, HP & Gateway,

scolen2 writes: Dear Dell, HP & Gateway, Why do you continue to ruin my Christmas every year? Every year at Christmas time while my family is enjoying themselves around the Christmas tree, I'm stuck in PC repair hell thanks to you guys. Its not that your hardware is bad, and it has nothing to do with how evil Microsoft is, it's just that you choose for some mysterious reason to clock up the potentially smooth running cogs of every PC that my family has. I then have to sit here fixing each and every one of them as quickly as possible before I leave to go back home. Why PC integrators, why? Every year it's the same thing; one family member gets a new PC while I'm busying fixing all the problems with the one someone else got last year knowing that I will be fixing the one just received this year all next Christmas! You make baby Jesus cry and or give me cancer with your selfish acts of computer pollution. Please stop; please let me have Christmas next year in peace. Thanks, Steve.

Submission + - Vista Reviewed by The Economist

Erik Love writes: "Esteemed British newspaper The Economist, reviews Windows Vista. They love it, but advise WinXP users to wait awhile before upgrading: "Many say Vista's problem is its sheer size and complexity. All told, the program comprises some 50m lines of computer code. And as any programmer will tell you, software contains typically five to ten errors for every 100 lines of code. So, even if 90% of them were squished during the extensive testing programme, Vista will hit the shelves with at least a quarter of a million bugs in it.""

Submission + - Automator and Bootcamp

segafreak writes: "I use Boot camp on my macbook pro and frequently boot between different systems. However as reboot takes a few seconds, I often use this opportunity to get up for coffee or somehow use the time better than sitting and staring at a boot screen. In order to achieve this, I use the startup disk pane of the System Preferences to choose Windows boot (rather than having to hold the option key). However I must have done this a thousand times now — it makes sense to automate it into a script or automator workflow — one which would open the system preferences, choose startup disk, choose the windows volume, and then reboot. However, the System Preferences pane is not scriptable, so I cannot use AppleScript for this. Is there some way to automate this action?"

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