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Comment Re:Glass and Smart Watches (Score 1) 167

I only use 1 hand to write text messages (the other is holding the phone) Swype is very effective at this. If the device is strapped to my arm, it's being held, and my other hand does the Swyping. There is one issue though, and it's something that nothing really can be done about it. It suffers the same issues that plague so many pieces of equipment, not left-hand friendly. I guess it can be overcome by wearing the watch on the right arm, but that feels unnatural.

Either way, I'm certain it takes voice commands so you can dictate messages to it.

Comment Re:Lazyness (Score 1) 926

By physical labor, do you mean people who operate heavy machinery? I've seen plenty of crane/dozer/digger operators who are overweight, because their canteen provides fatty foods, originally intended for people who are operating pickaxes and shovels.

I haven't seen anyone who breaks rocks by hand (with hand tools) who is overweight.

The sumo wrestler is someone who had gone out with the specific intention of gaining as much weight as they can manage, including eating very large meals and then going to sleep right after to encourage that excess energy to be deposited as fat.

Comment Re:Lazyness (Score 2) 926

Well, if you've been doing plenty of regular exercise and still managed to get so fat you start to do damage to your joints, then something has gone seriously wrong somewhere.

I do wonder at people who only put the slightest amount of skimmed milk in their tea/coffee because they are worried about their weight. I grew up drinking 2-3 pints of full fat milk a day, I absolutely loved the stuff. Though, the 3 (primary school) and 6 (secondary school) mile (10km) daily commute on the bike may be a contributing factor to keeping slim.

The GP's comment is still valid, I do not see people who regularly exercise become/be fat. You'd have to be doing something deliberately wrong (be a sumo wrestler) to pull something like that off.

Comment Re:Why migrate to Turkey? (Score 1) 687

Given how turkeys are themselves a renewable source of energy, I fail to see why they feel one should supplant the other. I did read somewhere though that electricity produced from the consumption of large quantities of turkey seemed "sluggish" and "sleepy" for several hours and needed a nap prior to being somewhat productive.

Comment Re: Uneconomics 101 (Score 1) 687

Is that for all electricity, or just that produced by renewable means? I'd also hazard a guess that the Germans are more environmentally conscious and willing to pay that bit extra if it benefits the environment.

I never got why people expected renewable to equal cheap. Renewable is supposed to mean not damaging the environment, or using up a finite resource. I guess people figured that since you don't have to buy wind, sun or tide as a 'fuel' that it should be free.

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