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Comment Re:DNFTT (Score 1) 9

I know you don't, or inthitht you don't, or have not in the past, mod bomb(ed) them!

I just like to jerk off. If I had pointh, I would mod bomb him/her/them, jutht to hear them thquack, just like I do when my boyfriend buries my head in a pillow and reamth my ath good! It is all about the thquacks for them, tho let'h give them thome of their own medicine.

But take the approach of another damn_registrarth thock_puppet, pudge_confirmer for any thpecific inthtanceth: neither confirm nor deny. It'th more fun when the trollth get no anthwer.

The more people who mod-bomb the trollth, the more the trollth complain about the unfairness of it all - speaking of complaining, have you theen how that whiney little bitch damn_registrars complains about down mods? What a Printhess.

And who cares about zeroing out comments? I think it is fun to leave a trail! Imagine those idiot trolls trying to figure out who had the timerity to mod one of their trollth as a troll!

I am all for it.


Jameth, Alice, and all the other voices in damn_registrarth head.

Comment Re:Magician's choice (Score 1) 14

The thecret of the thpoon is that there ith no thpoon.

Notithe that railgunner and pudge are nowhere to be theen?

Proof is eathy when you use the Magithian's Choithe.

Bwah hah hah!

Hey, what'th that with a_klavan? whoothh...

(ah, thit, the moderation changed... but who'th watching anyway?)

User Journal

Journal Journal: I think I'm in love

with my proctologitht.

When I went to thee him yethterday I hid a single red rothe in my ass. When it wath time for the examination, he pulled out the rothe and said "HEY WHAT IS THIS?"

Comment Re:Thanks! but... (Score 1) 9

Thanks, that workth great. I am a long time firefox uther, so I thkipped right to the thecond thtep, and then....


but I can learn thomething new everyday.

By the way, have you looked at /. with IE 6 lately? Oh my god, it ith hilariouth. Your thettings may vary the effect, but it looks royally thcrewed up to me.

Maybe thomeone thhould tell red4man, railgunner, and pudge.

Oh, never mind, I jutht did.

Comment Re:You love me! You really love me! (Score 1) 32

Of courthe, thweetie, you know I'm much bigger than you. It'th why you love me so much, cause I can rub your prothtate. You know it feelth good, thweetie. Just a little deeper. Oh? Did you feel that in your tiny little ath? I jutht hit it and I thtill have another 2 inches.

Thit. Well, at leatht I can get it halfway down your throat. I know how you love that.
User Journal

Journal Journal: I'm FAAAAAAAAABULOUS! 2

Look at me! I'm Jimmy_Thlimmy! I'm tho thexy, don't you think thweeties? I'd like to thank my hero, Richard Thimmonths, for his Thweating to the Oldies tapes for allowing me to keep my thin, boyish figure. If it wasn't for the mustache and ball-tickler goatee you might think I wath a teenager of something.

Leave me a methage, thweeties!

Comment Re:You love me! You really love me! (Score 1) 32

I know, I thould really jutht give him some wet sloppy kithes like to do and then thtart thucking him off like you do.

Ath far ath your other quethtion, thweetie, I guess the answer ith wouldn't you like to know how many throwaway accountth we hath.
Does your ath hurt from getting is pounded nightly? Does it? Jimmy? Jimmy? Jimmy?

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