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Comment I hesitated between lie detector and compass (Score 1) 456

But I've decided that life without lies would be unbearable. You don't seem to appreciate how nicer life is when people have control of what you know about what they think of you. I'm not saying big lies. But those little, innocent white lies. What would be the value of constantly hearing how people hate what you just said, how awful they think you look today, how they don't care about you in the shop, etc. Sure, the absolute truth is that people often think badly of you. But they also think about undressing other people and having sex with them a lot. Or killing them. What makes us human is that we can CHOOSE not to act on these emotions. And we can CHOOSE to tell a white lie so our life with other people is less stressing. I wouldn't give that away.

And now, WHERE WERE I... If I only had a built-in compass :-))

Comment Re:Drupal? It's Liferay in PHP (Score 1) 192

Have you looked at Liferay's or Drupal source code? I didn't take 10 minutes to study both of them, but literally weeks. It's almost impossible, especially in Liferay, to develop anything nontrivial without going through its source code to understand how it's supposed to work - so I looked at it a lot. You can't go on without having source codes, because the documentation is fragmented and in many parts nonexistent, most forum threads are left unanswered and bugs unfixed for years. The code is not the only incomprehensible thing -- the product as a whole is.

I can develop web sites and applications much quicker in a much more enjoyable way using simpler tools that are documented well, do not get in the way and are not huge enough to become bloat blobs. I have this knowledge from experience in programming business that I've been doing for more than 15 years.

What you write and the way you write it, is the kind of attitude I've seen a lot on open source project forums. The "get to know it and/or fix it yourself or get the fuck out" mantra is OK as long as I don't pay for the enterprise license and support, you know. I'm glad to submit patches to open source projects that stay true to the idea and are worthy using. But if my patches are going to be used to sell "enterprise" version by an entity that can't get their product right -- I'm out. And I'm using different software as long as I have a choice.

Comment Re:But WHY? (Score 2) 93

I like how you can plug the Ubuntu phone to a display and maybe a mouse and keyboard and it becomes a full desktop computer. I do believe that phone CPUs are getting performant enough to pull this off and for most people it will have enough computing power. Of course, there are drawbacks such as what happens when someone steals the phone with all your data or shitty battery life. It will probably not have enough public appeal to become mainstream. But the idea itself is quite nice IMO.

Comment Re:Crap (Score 2) 177

Not only are gasoline engines inefficient, they require fuel be trucked to stations wasting even more fuel.

And with solar power, until an efficient energy storage method is created (batteries and other methods available now are crappy), transmission problem is going to last and even grow bigger. In my opinion, the only sensible solution to powering all the world from solar would be to build power plants on opposite sites of the globe, so some part of them is ALWAYS on the dayside. Transmitting their energy to those parts of world that are currently on the nightside is even bigger a problem.

Comment Re:They are both as good (Score 3, Interesting) 437

Eclipse is much more user-friendly and stable than NetBeans in every iteration I have used it.

That is interesting, my experience is completely opposite -- Netbeans is better focused on most often used functionality than on some niche stuff and extreme configurability almost noone needs, has shorter menus, less cluttered toolbars, has more intelligent and intuitive text editor (variable names guessing is so brilliant you don't notice it until you go back to other editors), has Alt-Tab that works instantly, etc. etc.

It is also periodically reviewed for performance and tuned up, which results in amazing improvements between, say, version 6.5 and 7.2.

Netbeans doesn't require me to get and configure additional plugins for SVN or Maven. It is much better integrated with application servers.

etc, etc

Have you tried Netbeans recently, or do you base your Eclipse preference on Netbeans 3.5? Because I have been forced to use Eclipse Juno for past 3 months and it is slow as hell, unintuitive, has menus that still require scrolling in full hd and still proposes arg0 as variable names...

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