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Comment Thunderbird (Score 1) 335

It always seemed a bit cumbersome to me, but when Google announced end of life for their Reader, I've moved to Thunderbird with my feeds and it works well enough. But, I might be a special case - I no longer work on more computers than my laptop, so I have no need for a web-based reader.

Comment Re:Forgotten (Score 1) 295

This is all true, but I can imagine that high-current charger and battery connectors get standardized and everyone has one charger for all their devices at home and at the office. Perhaps even vending-machines that charge batteries? If it only takes 10 or 20 seconds, why not? Heck, if it only takes a few seconds, I can have a shared charger in the building, so me and my neighbours use only one.

Comment I hesitated between lie detector and compass (Score 1) 456

But I've decided that life without lies would be unbearable. You don't seem to appreciate how nicer life is when people have control of what you know about what they think of you. I'm not saying big lies. But those little, innocent white lies. What would be the value of constantly hearing how people hate what you just said, how awful they think you look today, how they don't care about you in the shop, etc. Sure, the absolute truth is that people often think badly of you. But they also think about undressing other people and having sex with them a lot. Or killing them. What makes us human is that we can CHOOSE not to act on these emotions. And we can CHOOSE to tell a white lie so our life with other people is less stressing. I wouldn't give that away.

And now, WHERE WERE I... If I only had a built-in compass :-))

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