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Submission + - Polish protestor uses drone copter to monitor demo (

fantomas writes: In recent demonstrations in Warsaw, Poland, a demonstrator has used a drone helicopter spycam, manufactured by Robokopter, to monitor police actions and how they behave towards protestors. Videos show the copter taking off and flying over police lines. A case of man-bites-dog? Is this a first? or do slashdot readers know of similar technology being used by protestors in the USA 'Occupy' movements or elsewhere?

Submission + - Why Ford Just Became A Software Company ( 1

gManZboy writes: "Sometime early next year, Ford will mail USB sticks to about 250,000 owners of vehicles with its advanced touchscreen control panel. The stick will contain a major upgrade to the software for that screen. With it, Ford breaks the model in which the technology in a car essentially stayed unchanged from assembly line to junk yard--and Ford becomes a software company.

This shift created a hot new tech job at Ford: human-machine interface engineers--people who come from a range of backgrounds, from software development to mechanical engineers, and who can live in the worlds of art and science at once."

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Indoor Positioning Systems - what op

gshegosh writes: "We have been approached by a customer that needs positioning inside their factory which is about 5000 square meters big. They require 30cm precision. What options are there if it comes to ready-to-use products? We've been considering WiFi fingerprinting but it seems it doesn't have enough precision, using RFID in turn demands putting a few dozen thousand tags all around the factory. Have you heard of any solutions to this problem?"

Submission + - LHC finds 3.5-sigma CP violation in Charm Meson (

Old Wolf writes: On Monday in Paris, members of the LHCb collaboration presented a 3.5 sigma observation of an unexpected CP violation in the decay of the D0, a particle made up of a charm quark and an up antiquark. TheStandard Model predicts this particular decay has a CP-violating asymmetry close to zero, yet LHCb observed a much larger value of -0.82 percent.

Here's a more technical writeup, as well as the actual presentation.

Comment Re:Fixing Gnome3 (Score 4, Informative) 685

Having tried the RC for a few dozen minutes, I can tell that MSGE is quite good in making Gnome3 feel more "like home". Having the bottom window task list bar and sane alt-tab experience doesn't magically fix what is broken in Gnome Shell (configurability is still missing), but it's a step in a good direction IMO -- it lets people used to "old" ways upgrade their systems with less fear.

Submission + - Linux Mint 12 tries to appeal to users disappointe (

gshegosh writes: "The disappointed part of Ubuntu and Gnome user community is quite vocal. Both Unity and Gnome Shell break "compatibility" with user old habits of having window-oriented, customizable desktop environment instead of Apple-style app-oriented, locked one.
There are some that try to hold on to Gnome 2 (there's even a fork) but it will get harder while time passes by and more and more applications use GTK3.
Linux Mint developers have recently revealed that they are working on extensions that will make new Gnome look and feel more traditional way. Will it make disgruntled users happy? Will Mint replace Ubuntu as #1 distribution? I for one am sure going to try it out."


Submission + - Why Do So Many College Science Majors Drop Out?

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Christopher Drew writes that President Obama and industry groups have called on colleges to graduate 10,000 more engineers a year and 100,000 new teachers with majors in science, technology, engineering and math but studies find that roughly 40 percent of students planning engineering and science majors end up switching to other subjects or failing to get any degree — 60 percent when pre-medical students are included. Middle and high school students are having most of the fun, building their erector sets and dropping eggs into water to test the first law of motion but the excitement quickly fades as students brush up against the reality of what David E. Goldberg calls “the math-science death march" as freshmen in college wade through a blizzard of calculus, physics and chemistry in lecture halls with hundreds of other students where many wash out. “Treating the freshman year as a ‘sink or swim’ experience and accepting attrition as inevitable,” says a report by the National Academy of Engineering, “is both unfair to students and wasteful of resources and faculty time.” But help is on the way. In September, the Association of American Universities announced a five-year initiative to encourage faculty members in the STEM fields to use more interactive teaching techniques (PDF). “There is a long way to go,” says Hunter R. Rawlings, the association’s president, “and there is an urgent need to accelerate the process of reform.”"

Submission + - StackOverflow's Programming Language Bias (

AlexDomo writes: Suprisingly, JavaScript came out to be the most "over-represented" language on StackOverflow, by quite a long way at 294%. Could this also be because programming JavaScript is generally quite difficult and will result in people seeking help more often? Following this was C# (which I had expected to be number 1), at 153%. After this, PHP, Ruby and Python were basically fairly balanced at around 100%. The most "under-represented" major language would definitely be C at 11%. Three other major languages which seemed to be a bit under-represented, below 50%, were C++, Java and Objective-C.

For details of the method used and the full results, refer to the original article here.

Comment I guess my hardware is too cool for Ubuntu, too (Score 1) 798

I've watched some videos about Gnome 3 and Unity and didn't like either. So I installed LUbuntu and missed some things. Than I installed XUbuntu and liked it but it also missed some little things. So I installed KDE and liked it but it made my overclocked i7 with 12G of RAM seem slow. So I gave Unity a try in a virtual machine. Turned out to be not that bad. So I installed it on my overclocked i7 with 12G of RAM... NOW WHEN I MOVE A WINDOW, IT'S TOO SLOW TO FOLLOW THE FRAKING MOUSE CURSOR. I have the latest NVidia drivers, hardware that had never give me any headaches with Linux (Gnome Shell works just fine on the same installation). But Unity makes me feel like I was an owner of a 386 with 4M of RAM. So what I'm not cool enough to not being able to adapt to Unity. It won't work with my hardware, information on which graphic card I should upgrade to or what I should do to debug the performance problem is nowhere to be found. I don't like Gnome Shell. Turns out I'm working more and more on Windows 7 these days :-(

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