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Comment Get used to it or move (Score 1) 474

If noise prevents you from working and you are unable to get used to it -- move to a quiter environment. I stopped noticing church bells, police sirens, etc. at all after 2 or 3 months of living where I live now. That's a nice thing about human mind -- it adapts to constant stimuli levels.

Comment Re:China seems like a nice place to live (Score 1) 67

The belief that nowhere on earth offers 'basic freedoms' is a reasonable one

Why is it reasonable? Got any proof?

I could choose what I did with my life, what I studied, where I live, where and how I work. I can speak freely and am mostly free to do what I please as long as I do not disturb other people's freedom. That's "basic freedoms" if you ask me. If you think that we're all slaves because corporations and corrupt governments rule and we have mortgages or are married or whatever -- that's your opinion. Do not present it as facts.

Comment Re:China seems like a nice place to live (Score 1) 67

Awww. You think you have clean air and basic freedoms. That's cute.

Yeah, being able to comment about my freedom (or lack of it) without risking death penalty makes living where I live a little bit better than in China. And, water here is still blue and air is transparent. Not like on pictures I've seen from China, but of course they were photoshopped.

Comment I got Office 365 licences "for free" (Score 1) 297

With my broadband internet connection. I pay the same price for 150/10Mbps pipe that I used to pay for 60/6Mbps one, so I could say that those licences are really free. I guess that's one way they can convince people to use them. I have no choice to give those licenses back and get a discount. I don't think Microsoft has nothing out of it.

Comment I block everything (Score 1) 716

Most of the valuable content on the internet is at places with not enough traffic to be supported by ads anyway. If there's a donation button at such sites or some kind of micropayment (through SMS for instance) and I've used the content, I will pay.

Me watching advertisements is the same as me not watching advertisements, because I do not base my decisions on marketing. And if they count on some subconsious influence on me -- let them fuck off.

I also create content that is valuable for some people. One of my sites which has no ads and where donation link was clicked exactly one time in years has about 200 visitors each day. If they use my work, why wouldn't I use work of others.

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