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Comment Re:GPS-based air speed (Score 1) 403

erm... you know that the atmosphere more or less rotates with the earth? Wind is by definition a difference between the velocity of the air and the velocity of the surface of the earth. For convenience, the earth is used as a fixed frame of reference. If you want to bring relativity into it, i'm happy to play ball... If you have such a poor understanding of physics, maybe you shouldn't be so condescendingly sarcastic when correcting people on it.

Comment Re:Suspect?.... (Score 1) 403

You're wrong. There is no physical connection at all between the cockpit and the control surfaces. EVERYTHING is filtered through a computer. And I have no idea where you got the idea that the computer will automatically "guess" at the correct airspeed in the event of a sensor failure... In a Boeing, the pilot is in command. In an airbus, the pilot must ask politely...

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