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Comment Turn the question around. (Score 1) 735

If your company could hire someone else equally qualified, experienced and competent to do your work for £7k less, would they have any qualms firing you? What about £15k? Outsource it to India for 15% of the cost?

You are in a purely transactional relationship. You provide knowledge and hard work, and you get paid in money, prestige and satisfaction. That's it. It's your company, not your parent or sibling or friend or spouse - you 'owe' it no loyalty beyond that transactional relationship (and even personal relationships break down when they don't work out....). You wouldn't think twice about switching if someone opened up a new grocery store that was closer to your home and offered the same products for a lower price. Why is this different?

Do yourself a favour, mate. Go get the £7k + 7.5 hours of your life (almost a full work day on its own!) per week back. Good luck!


Submission + - NASA satellite nails Mercury orbit (

coondoggie writes: "NASA has sent the very first spacecraft into an orbit around Mercury, the closest planet on our solar system to the Sun. Now that it is there, NASA's satellite MESSENGER (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging) will orbit Mercury about 730 times in the next 12 months, beaming back pictures and never-before-available pictures and data on the planet."

Submission + - Samsung Series 9: lighter, thinner than MacBookAir (

An anonymous reader writes: Samsung has announced that the 13-inch version of its Series 9 laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium is now available in the US through Best Buy, Amazon, Tiger, as well as other select retailers and e-tailers. The Windows 7 Professional option as well as the 11-inch version with Windows 7 Home Premium will become available in mid-April. The MacBook Air just got some serious competition.

Comment Re:Human touch is seen as empathetic (Score 5, Insightful) 137

I disagree. Empathy and kindness can be programmed, and if sufficiently advanced, may be indistinguishable from human empathy or kindness. What makes my genetic programming or yours more legitimate than that of a future robot? Then again, we may not even need to get there. Humans have a tremendous ability to empathise unilaterally. Spock and R. Daneel Olivaw are two of the most beloved characters in sci-fi. We emotionally connect to pet rocks and the abandoned lamp in the IKEA commercial; we feel for characters in novels and are moved by music. Why not a robot?

Comment Re:Just stop it (Score 1) 317

So I'd like to ask you to shut up and stop applying your situation to everybody else. Just because YOU can be happy and content with public transportation does not mean everybody else can.

I'd like to ask you to shut up and stop applying your situation to everybody else. Just because YOU can be happy and content with the concept of private transportation, with its concomitant waste and inefficiencies, does not mean everybody else can.

Comment Re:gb (Score 1) 219

I agree that Facebook is a good tool, but we had friends before Facebook advent, and we will have friends after it will be forgotten. The point is that we should not rely only on Facebook, taking in account its flaws, and we should avoid addiction. BTW, a face-to-face conversation, or a phone call, when possible, is much more effective than a Facebook message.

Yes, we had friends before and Facebook may well become irrelevant one day, but social networking is here to stay. Email is here to stay. So are newsgroups and online fora and relay chat. Forms of communication, once invented, cannot be un-invented. Some of them do fill niches better than any did before. Face-to-face is charming and telephones are polite, but inviting a hundred people at once is much better on Facebook. Efficacy is sometimes not the point; efficiency is.

Comment Re:gb (Score 1) 219

Good question. Depends on the event. I can send a mass email to any pre-determined set (colleagues in my department, members in my club) for events going from the private (birthday parties) to the public (protest marches and elections). The flexibility and visibility settings keep it context-specific and useful.

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