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Comment Re:Reasonable decision (Score 0) 477

Remember when they actually believed in their whole First Amendment thing? Yeah, that hasn't been the case since Nixon apparently.

That hasn't been the case since Adams. The 1st Amendment has always been toothless. But notice you don't necessarily need an Internet to make yourself heard. It certainly isn't helping much now.

Comment https! (Score -1, Flamebait) 4

You have to go

I don't know how much longer it will last. They're really messing up the site bad. Search is completely belly up. Can't access my (or anybody else's) journal list anymore. The old edit page is gone. You have to click on a "pretty widget". Christ! How infantile can they get?

See if sending a complaint to gets any results (I can think of a hundred "alternative" names for him right now. "Jedi" isn't one of them). I highly doubt it, but it's a place for me to vent.

Comment Re:Moo (Score -1, Flamebait) 9

I'm more inclined to believe it is written by the new Slashdot programmers. But good ol' Seamonkey is still the best browser going. A complete all in one package, and now hardly any bigger than Firefox..

Comment Re:New Crew, Same Old Crappy Methods (Score -1, Flamebait) 10

...the page renders differently on each machine I use...

Even on the same machine with different browsers. On IE8 or 9, the button for the preference page isn't there. I have to kill all the cookies. For some reason that 'fixes' it. The only way for uncensored search is to run your own crawler. All the others have been compromised by the authorities and the advertisers.

I know of no other place with the permanence of Slashdot. It's the only site I am aware of that etches the comments in stone, the way it should be. If/when that goes, there's no reason to hang anymore.

Comment Re:Damn! Can't we edit our journals anymore? (Score 0) 4

...are they trying to run us all off?

Sure looks like it. When you see crap like, "just click pretty widgets to kill time." You know the dumbing down has begun in earnest. And the 'fortunes' at the bottom of the page! My god!...

It seems that they're after a different audience these days.. a bunch of youngins who want nothing but bling. This is the path of Internet 2.0 for the general public. Keep 'em stupid and horny, so they don't rebel.

Comment Better Service? I don't think so (Score 1) 26

You took away a lot of functions and actually made things much worse. Adding and editing journals is a bigger pain than it ever was. I can't see the list of journals without spending half the day clicking more, more, more... I used to be able to see all of everybody's journals and edit/delete all of mine with a simple (or any user ID), but you killed it.. Why? Why doesn't work any more? I guarantee you that this is not 'better service'. It certainly isn't slowing down the spammers any. I can only hope you won't start allowing comments to be edited/deleted. Believe me, this isn't helping at all.

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