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Comment Re:in soviet russia web site Censors you! (Score 1) 227

Don't know if it's the same in Canada, but in the states, ballot nominees are also determined by the voters during the primaries. And it's up to the voter to make sure they seek out and nominate the right lizard.. as opposed to waiting for FOX to present their endorsements to them. If we continue to refuse to take conscious control of our government and economy, we simply have no one else to blame...

Comment Re:Know your enemy (Score 1) 300

Since when should a decent politician(oxymoron) be "provided"? It's the public's obligation to seek them out and "draft" them into service.. and I mean SERVICE.. not a career. Our political/economic system is our own cross to bear. Do not look beyond your own nose for any misfortunes you suffer from it.

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