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Comment Re:Of ourse you do. (Score 1) 239

Who said anything about "selling" any work? (they hired *me*, not *my projects*)
Who said the opensource project was affected in any way by me being hired? (it's not, except I'm now also paid a few hours to work on it)
Who said anything about a large company where you'd become a "corporate monkey"? (it's a small startup)

Comment Opensource project contributions (Score 2) 239

I got my current job because of my opensource work. A major contributor to a project I maintain founded a startup and hired me there. The project is used by the startup, but remains "independent" and is still opensource and alive.

Imo, major opensource contributions really do help getting an interesting job.

Comment Re:I Completely Agree With the Outrage! (Score 2) 215

"Current annual revenue is estimated at somewhere between $15 and $20 million and the company is backed by millions in venture capital."

So unless TF got their numbers wrong, this is not at all about surviving - they do very well already.

Comment Re:Not only that... (Score 1) 569

Interesting that you question China's motive behind its increasing military spending, yet seem perfectly fine with the US military spending which is apparently still much larger than China's. Yes, it's ok for the US to plan for more than just "peacful regional defense" (they're actually obligated to do so), but the same is also true for China. No, I don't like that either, but it's rational.

Comment Re:As this violates... (Score 2) 403

It's interesting how a lot of Germans cry out loud when the EU overrides some of their laws and make them give up a tiny bit of data privacy, while at the same time they (together with the French) try very hard to force other EU members like Austria (and also non-EU nations like Switzerland) to completely give up their *banking data* privacy.

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