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Comment Re:No, it would not work (Score 4, Insightful) 594

The majority of people, in general, are not as stupid as you may think (usually only about a third of them).

Looking at currently established direct 100% democracies, most of them:
* agree (democratically) to limit their own rights to put human rights on top (other than say the US that doesn't really care about them)
* often priorize education very highly (as opposed to e.g. military expenses)
* are politically very stable (middle ground, instead of back and forth between extreme positions)
* are economically very stable (even these days)
* have almost no strikes
* sometimes even agree to increase taxes (yes, they can essentially vote on how much taxes they want to pay)
* have low unemployment rates
* do not start any wars or threat other countries (seek diplomatic solutions and cooperation instead)

Comment Re:Only available in the United States (Score 1) 406

Yes, this is indeed what I don't understand: Google Music is about allowing me to upload and stream my music that I bought in my country, hence the copyrighted content is already made available to me in my country. Besides, most of the music I'd upload would be of non-US artists.

I certainly understand how these services work technically, but I do not understand what's the difference in offering such "unlicensed" services in the USA and say Canada or Europe, at least in countries with more liberal copyright laws.

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