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Comment Kind of a long shot (Score 2) 214

Depends on the size of the place.

Of course, engineering gets stuck with it at first because < cynical broadcast engineer mode > we are the only ones who can actually deal with physical reality </>... A separate IT department doesn't really start to make a lot of sense until you have radio AND TV who already have separate engineering groups with different takes on IT. CBS in SF has a separate IT group (run by a former radio CE) but that's with like 3 TVs and 4 FMs in the same building.

If your station is the hub for all 5, well, maybe but I think it might be a hard sell to the pointy-hairs / showbiz-money types. Maybe better off re-org'ing engineering with a separate IT subgroup and breaking out its expenses and tasks sepatately for the time being.

CE, KNGY San Francisco, back in t3h day


Submission + - Researchers Develop Super Batteries From Aerogel ( 1

greenerd writes: "Researchers from the University of Central Florida may have found the most efficient (and most bizarre) battery material yet – ‘frozen smoke’, also known as Aerogel. One of the world’s lightest solids, aerogel contains multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) which each one several thousands thinner than human hair. The researchers, Associate Professor Lei Zhai and Postdoctoral Associate Jianhua Zou, believe that this material could soon become the best energy storage material for capacitors and batteries."

Comment Re:Lisp is cool... (Score 4, Funny) 330


Sorry, old habits...

The 45 minute GC's ended with the first Generation-scavenging GC which may have come along after you game up on lispms...

Comment Re:AV Companies (Score 1) 135

I am a venue frequency coordinator for a major sports league. This ruling is causing a LOT of worry for us. In a venue with 40 wideband channels for coaching, lots of OTA TV, plus the venue's own wireless mics, The little whitespace we have to work in now is getting awfully crowded. The notion of reserving two TV channels to work in at one of this league's games is absurd. We can only hope that we can ban the silly things from the entire premises out to the fence.

Comment Bypassing HR seems to work... (Score 3, Interesting) 207

My current boss put an ad on Craigslist which said send your CV and write a perl script that does [thing]. I did so. That turned into a 90-min. phone screen in which he grilled me technically, and then he set up an on-site interview. 5 people, 45 min. each, intense technical drilldown.

The hr person was annoyed that he'd gone to Craigslist (mgr. never told me to say otherwise...), but the mgr. found somebody who could do what he wanted.

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