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Comment Second coming, or alien invasion? (Score 1) 1142

Would you become a theist if tomorrow you observed the second coming of Christ playing out more or less as Christians generally say it will? It seems to me by your own arguments an invasion by a naturally evolved advanced alien intelligence is far more probable than God. Once their forward agents noticed widespread belief in the Bible, their generals would proclaim "Easiest planetary takeover ever!" Your subsequent experience in heaven/hell is clearly just you being plugged into the Matrix. (My point being I strongly suspect that even in principle there is no possible evidence anyone could present to you that would convince you of theism.)

Comment Re:What did we expect? (Score 1) 1181

I don't know any infants that can survive on their own. The ancient Greeks used this fact to kill unwanted children, sometimes because they were deformed, or not the father's or the wrong sex, or various other reasons. I think that maybe if I'm sick and tired of dealing with my kid and she can't survive on her own, maybe it's ok for me to dispose of her, and your moral beliefs otherwise shouldn't get to interfere with my behavior...

Comment Re:Oh enough with the range whining (Score 1) 998

What do I do if the idiot in 2C parks his tank^H^H^H^H SUV in my spot (and the two on either side of it), refuses to move it and thus ensures I can't charge my car?

Have his car towed away? I've done that a bunch of times, they never park in my spot again. I also live near DC, so there's no shortage of lawyers to try to sue me but it's never happened.

Comment Re:ground water contamination? (Score 1) 279

OMG, hilarious!

Let's see... there are no reactors remotely designed like Chernobyl's. Because even back in the 50s we were aware (cf Edward Teller) this design was a disaster waiting to happen.

Hmm, lets see now... the "next" US disaster... well, the last disaster would be Three Mile Island. Where no one died. But never mind that, pay no attention, because Japan just had a big disaster. Right. Where no one died.

Yeah, nuclear power plants outside of the Soviet Union have been such a nightmare. I mean, its like people slagging on nuclear power have no concept of right and wrong. But hey, you can't expect them to. But you should hold them accountable when they can't get their facts right.

Comment Re:How About D.C.? (Score 1) 279

yes, as a "teabagger" (and props for using that derogatory term, thanks for tipping your hand -- much appreciated), I can assure you the Tea Party is not a giant fan of the iraq war or the extended afghanistan war, and I'm guessing the Nobel Peace Prize committee is just as thrilled as we are about the Libya war. Thank gods we elected "The One" because if we had McCain in there, man, we might be involved in some third war that made so sense whatsoever.

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