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Comment Stop it! (Score 1) 1168

This has nothing to do with video games. The kid was mentally unstable and his mother trained him in the use of firearms. If that is not a recipie for disaster I don't know what is so stop blaming video games. Maybe not teaching a mentally challenged individual how to use firearms is the message to take away from this tradegy.

Comment Customer Service (Score 1) 375

One other thing to consider is customer service. I switched to Sprint from Verizon and love it. No dropped calls for me and customer service is top notch. Got their home phone service for $20 bucks a month to keep from going over minites cause alot of my family still have landlines. Mobile to mobile is free night and weekends. (7PM) are free. I truely have unlimited data even if I am roaming. So I highly recommend Sprint.

Comment Re:Beware what you share. (Score 1) 195

I tend to think there is a bit exhabitionist in all of us especially when our judgment is impared. The real problem i see is how quickly you have access to these services. Smart phones are the worst thing to happen to privacy since retail stores started using video cameras. Now not olny can you do something stupid while drunk but it winds up on Facebook in minites.

Comment Beware what you share. (Score 0) 195

If you put your telephone number or address on Facebook, Twitter, Or Google + your not concerned with privacy. If later you decide that this was a bad decision and decide your privacy has been invaded your an idiot for sharing that much in the first place. Think long and hard (Giggity) about what you decide to share with any of these services because it can come back to bite you.

Comment My setup (Score 1) 355

I have been using Ubuntu server and Playstation Media Server (Don't let the name fool you. As for storage use XFS because it's tailor made to server large files. For storage these racks have colling fans and are allummium http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816111045 and I just add hard rives as needed. The laundry room worked best for me.

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