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Comment Re:FOSS (Score 1) 169

Most open source projects are just components of a whole system. If we are generalizing here, the distros and other dependent software makers package everything up, and make it accessible if it is not already targeted at end users. I honestly don't think there is a problem with not marketing to end users, but a problem with end users wanting it to be marketed to them to begin with. Anybody wanting to find these projects can, if they look for it.

Comment Re:FOSS (Score 1) 169

Nobody said they had to answer anything. And you assuming the knowledge that "most open source developers do not want arbitrary people to use their software." is absolutely ludicrous. Open source developers are just developers who are wanting to share their project and its source. Just normal human developers with completely distinct normal human intentions.


Encryption? What Encryption? 500

Slashdot regular Bennett Haselton writes with his take on the news we discussed early this morning about the UK government's prosecution of two people who refused to disclose their encryption keys: "Is it possible to write a program that enables you to encrypt files without drawing suspicion upon yourself if anyone ever seizes your computer? No; a program by itself, no matter how perfectly written, couldn't do this because you'd still attract suspicion just for possessing the software. You'd need a social element driving the program's popularity until it gets to the point where people no longer look suspicious just for having the program installed. Here are some theories on how that could happen — but it would be a high bar to clear." Hit the link below for the rest of Bennett's thoughts.

Comment Re:Vaporware (Score 1) 1006

So lets analyze how much energy this takes vs. the energy used for propulsion. How much does your gas mileage go down when you turn all this on in a car running on gasoline? I imagine it would be pretty small compared to the energy used to propel the vehicle.

Comment Re:Fork it! (Score 3, Informative) 162

Or you can upload it to a website, or the wiki if the project has one. Just make sure people understand what project it is useful with. I wouldn't fork immediately. Forking should be something you do as a last result because you feel you definitely need to take the project in a different direction (or a direction at all). BTW, why don't you mention what the actual project is?


Typography On the Web Gets Different 378

bstender writes "Most major browsers — including the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera — recognize a CSS rule known as @font-face. What that means, in brief, is that Web developers can now easily embed downloadable fonts in their pages. To see an example, load up Firefox 3.5 or Safari 4 and learn more. You'll see three new typefaces — Liza, Auto, and Dolly — used in the body text and headlines." No doubt the licensing issues are just as complex as the font nerd potential.

Comment Re:Good idea (Score 4, Insightful) 64

The WiiMote is still horribly misused. I have a Wii, and after my initial wow factor with motion controls, constantly making jerk off motions to do stuff got old. And while I used to postulate about how great motion controls would be with my friends, I never really thought about the accessibility side of things. Because of work video games are often what I do when I'm sick or something along those lines. It sucks having to move all over the place just to do what used to be doable with a standard controller. I'm not saying it doesn't have its uses, but it often does make me second guess using it.

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