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Comment Re:When will it become *our* phones? (Score 2, Interesting) 176

I am an app developer (mobile included). I have developed a couple of apps for the Android platform just to test the SDK. It works pretty well, but lacks some dialogs which are standard on desktop OS's (color picker, file save/open dialogs). All of that is kind of offloaded to the developer. It has *A LOT* of great potential to extend every part of the OS's interface. I am far more excited for Android than iPhone since iPhone really restricts what you can do with it. Hell you can't even have an app run in the background. How dumb is that?

Android won't compete with iPhone as much at first simply because there isn't enough marketing. But it will catch up and then some once more power apps (free even, gasp) show up. As far as the G1 goes, its a pretty nice phone, but making it T-Mobile only in the US was not very smart. T-Mobile has very little 3G support throughout the US. Nothing against T-Mobile really, its just young in that respect.

Comment Re:FOSS movie (Score 1) 412

Exactly. I also thought his ignorant assumption of the support driven software house as *THE* F/OSS model of business was arrogant and presumptuous. I think F/OSS works because it is a community, and to get F/OSS to work for business a new business oriented connection infrastructure needs to emerge which benefits and bridges the F/OSS and business communities.

I envision a kind of hub where members of an industry with an itch to scratch can post ideas, plans, blueprints, rewards, and job opportunities. And developers can collaborate and develop. Kind of like sourceforge, but with a bit of a social networking, goal advertisement, and recruitment built in. Essentially, business owners advertise what ideas, needs, demands, and rewards it has. Finds like minded businesses with similar goals. Gets together and cooperates to develop a solution to their common problem.

Comment Re:FOSS movie (Score 1) 412

Man, did anybody actually read the article? What he was saying is absolutely right. The value in F/OSS is more the community of developers than the software itself. In other words the collaboration itself is the value. He hit the nail right on the head. Don't sell software; empower companies to work together to achieve their common goals. Everybody chips in to buy the pizza and everybody gets a slice (except in this case the slice is actually a whole pizza because there is no scarcity involved).

Comment Re:Would love to... (Score 2, Interesting) 249

That you would buy over and over again with each new upgrade. Software is not a fixed cost, it is always a recurring cost no matter how you look at it. An additional, often overlooked, cost of proprietary software is having to mold your workflow to match their model (using F/OSS and some dev time you can guide the project in the direction you need). You can start a project with a well organized website stating project goals, and let people build from there. State that developers are needed, offer rewards for certain features. I might suggest seeding the project with a small useful core (pay a dev for that). And just try to grow it from there. Make it a pet project.

Comment Re:ZFS!! (Score 1) 319

Well, that and you don't have the freedom to fork it. Essentially, leaving you to whatever their whims may be. F/OSS works because its far more of a survival of the fittest type situation. With F/OSS if the software no longer works for you, you are free to fork it.

Comment Re:Hold your horses (Score 1) 217

With the install base it has, I really don't see OpenGL going anywhere. In the mobile field its pretty much THE standard. As far as features go everything is supported through extensions correct? Sometimes even before DirectX gets support? As great as it is to declare a proprietary single-platform piece of claptrap the defacto 3D standard, it would be doing a bunch of other great platforms a severe injustice. While I agree OpenGL is not great, it is also the best cross-platform solution there is. And despite what some people want to believe, Windows is not the world. BTW, why not just use something like Open Scene Graph or Irrlicht if OGL is too low level.

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